BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterExclude some more tests that fail on Python 3.6Andrew Goodbody6 hours
tcwgextendChange node to Hetzners, delete unused parameters.Rob Savoye6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-03-02Change node to Hetzners, delete unused parameters.tcwgextendRob Savoye
2016-03-01Initial job to build a simple test case using a binary toolchain tarballRob Savoye
2016-01-27add armv8Rob Savoye
2016-01-27Try to get node working, add support for native buildsRob Savoye
2016-01-27TCWG BuildFarm job modified to work on my own Jenkins instantation.Rob Savoye
2016-01-25Initial jobs for TCWG extended validation, cloned from existing jobs.Rob Savoye
2016-01-25Add ynk-armv8-ilp32-rootfs job for build testing purposesAndrey Konovalov
2016-01-25lt-qcom-debian-*: switch kernel to branch release/qcomlt-4.4Nicolas Dechesne
2016-01-2496boards-reference-debian-installer: also publish mini.isoRicardo Salveti
2016-01-22build-rpm: finishRiku Voipio