BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterPMWG: Update WA_HOME_URL path on HiKey CI job templatesLisa Nguyen43 hours
tcwgextendChange node to Hetzners, delete unused parameters.Rob Savoye24 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
43 hoursPMWG: Update WA_HOME_URL path on HiKey CI job templatesHEADmasterLisa Nguyen
2 daysmbl-openembedded/builders.sh: remove obsolete packagesRyan Harkin
2 daysmbl-openembedded/builders.sh: set IMAGE_FSTYPES for DISTRO=rpbRyan Harkin
2 daysLKFT: Disable qemu on all branches except 4.14Dan Rue
2 daysopenembedded-lkft: enable testing on QEMUMilosz Wasilewski
2 daystcwg-trigger-buildapp: Trigger once a day.Christophe Lyon
2 daysenable optee test for hikey lcr buildYongqin Liu
2 daysandroid-master-clang: fix typoVishal Bhoj
3 daysrpb-openembedded: add IMAGES_RPB and IMAGES_RPB_WAYLANDFathi Boudra
3 daysmbl-openembedded-master: build test imagesRyan Harkin