BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterlt-qcom-linux-aosp: Update location of ramdisk for DB410c bootimageTodor Tomov15 hours
tcwgextendChange node to Hetzners, delete unused parameters.Rob Savoye3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
15 hourslt-qcom-linux-aosp: Update location of ramdisk for DB410c bootimageHEADmasterTodor Tomov
41 hoursRevert "96boards-hikey-aosp-master: run on powerful docker slave"Vishal Bhoj
2 dayslhg-oe-build: template-tests-rocko.yaml: fix the test nameAndrey Konovalov
3 days96boards-hikey-aosp-master: run on powerful docker slaveVishal Bhoj
3 dayslite-aeolus: Re-enable LAVA submission with updated token.Paul Sokolovsky
3 daysFix here-doc indentation in tcwg-regression-detectionThomas Preud'homme
4 days96boards-hikey-aosp-master: handle missing cache partition for aosp masterVishal Bhoj
7 dayslkft-hikey-android-8.*: fix boot failuresVishal Bhoj
7 dayslkft-hikey-android-8.1-4.14: revert one more patch related to drmVishal Bhoj
7 daysTrigger tcwg-llvm-release job if scripts changeThomas Preud'homme