BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterlt-qcom-linux-automerge: Fix multiline variables in envinjectAníbal Limón34 min.
tcwgextendChange node to Hetzners, delete unused parameters.Rob Savoye2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
34 min.lt-qcom-linux-automerge: Fix multiline variables in envinjectHEADmasterAníbal Limón
102 min.Revert "triggers: disable triggers for the projects storing results in qa-rep...Dan Rue
112 min.lt-qcom-linux-automerge: Fix quotes in AUTOMERGE_BRANCH_FAILEDAníbal Limón
3 hourslt-qcom-linux-automerge: Exit if any branch fail to mergeAníbal Limón
3 hourstrigger-lt-qcom-linux-automerge.yaml: Change trigger nameAníbal Limón
3 hoursAdd trigger-lt-qcom-linux-automerge.yamlAníbal Limón
4 hoursjdk: Add job to clean machine of rogue processes.Stuart Monteith
5 hoursjdk: Add job to clean JDK jobsStuart Monteith
6 hoursandroid-lcr: fix the qa-reports group in submission scriptMilosz Wasilewski
7 hourstriggers: disable triggers for the projects storing results in qa-reportsMilosz Wasilewski