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+# u-bootrom supports u-boot.2015 commands plus few extras.
+# Extra variables:
+# script_dev_usb 'usb X.Y' default usb instance:partition to boot from.
+# script_dev_mmc 'mmc X.Y' default mmc instance:partition to boot from.
+# script_dev $script_usb|mmc_dev depending on media where boot script was found.
+# script_fsload 'fatload' or 'ext2load' depending on which was used to load boot script.
+# dram_base DDR start address
+# dram_size DDR size (in bytes)
+# load_addr default load address (DDR start)
+# board board id ("b2120", "b2260", ...)
+# Extra commands:
+# hpen holding pen reconfiguration and kick support, for SMP boot
+# load_optee OPTEE specific formated image intallation command
+# boot_optee OPTEE specific boot command
+# u-bootrom enables silent console. To get some logs from this script one
+# can disable silent mode ("setenv silent;") and re-enable silent mode
+# ("setenv silent 1") in this script.
+# u-boot shall be loaded 10MB before the begining of the last 32MB of the DDR.
+setexpr.l uboot_addr $dram_base + $dram_size
+setexpr.l uboot_addr $uboot_addr - 0x02000000
+setexpr.l uboot_addr $uboot_addr - 0x00A00000
+# load images
+$script_fsload $script_dev $uboot_addr $uboot_path
+# boot images
+dcache flush;
+hpen prepare 0x094100A4
+hpen kick hpen
+go $uboot_addr