path: root/lava/dispatcher/staging/stretch-amd64/Dockerfile
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2018-07-24lava-dispatcher: Fix typo in staging Dockerfile.Senthil Kumaran S
The Debian repository was pointed to production which is fixed to staging. Change-Id: Iaa6edcbc45ad8787175d9821b8dd4a358196407c
2018-06-12lava-dispatcher: Install android tools by default in docker image.Senthil Kumaran S
These docker images run without LXC and android tools should be available within the container. Change-Id: I0b9f4a5419f3518bcab04b381dca49c181025cc6
2018-05-29lava-dispatcher: Docker images for both production and staging.Senthil Kumaran S
* Re-organize the build.sh script in order to build for both production and staging repo based docker images by accepting options. * Add Dockerfile for building from staging-repo that will build on a daily basis with the latest lava-dispatcher packages made from master git branch. * Use a single entrypoint.sh file shared between both these supported builds. * Install lava-common which is required after single code base changes. * Use python3 to start lava-slave and remove timeout option. Change-Id: I23b0afce1e2ae68ee67929e48922ae7bea3ad909