BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMerge "tcwg-host: Move host container to host network."Maxim Kuvyrkov16 hours
packetjessie-amd64-jenkins-master: update pluginsFathi Boudra7 months
tcwgNew Dockerfiles for Ubuntu, Debian, and OpenSuse for TCWG.Rob Savoye2 years
tcwg-llvmprodMerge branch 'tcwg-staging' into tcwg-llvmprodMaxim Kuvyrkov8 weeks
tcwg-packettcwg-llvmbot: Remove unnecessary customizationMaxim Kuvyrkov7 months
tcwg-stagingMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into tcwg-stagingYvan Roux4 weeks
tcwg-testedMerge commit '09cf8a64da49da6d5c382d68140897826a949ad0' into tcwg-testedTCWG Buildslave30 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthor
16 hoursMerge "tcwg-host: Move host container to host network."HEADmasterMaxim Kuvyrkov
16 hourstcwg-host: Move host container to host network.Maxim Kuvyrkov
35 hoursMerge "tcwg-host: Bind-mount docker binary"Maxim Kuvyrkov
35 hourstcwg-host: Bind-mount docker binaryMaxim Kuvyrkov
36 hoursMerge "tcwg-base: Add entries for thomas.preudhomme"Maxim Kuvyrkov
36 hourstcwg-base: Add entries for thomas.preudhommeThomas Preud'homme
36 hourstcwg-host: Add wrapper to call "docker" without typing "sudo".Maxim Kuvyrkov
4 daysMerge "tcwg-dev: Correct the connect to container message."Maxim Kuvyrkov
4 daystcwg-dev: Correct the connect to container message.Peter Smith
9 daystcwg-base: Add Bionic images for amd64 and arm64.Maxim Kuvyrkov