path: root/drivers/media/video/pvrusb2/pvrusb2-devattr.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-06-01V4L/DVB: pvrusb2: Fix Gotview hardware supportMike Isely
2009-12-05V4L/DVB (13500): pvrusb2: Fix lingering 16KB FX2 Firmware issuesGary Francis
2009-12-05V4L/DVB (13497): pvrusb2: Shorten device hardware description text to work ar...Mike Isely
2009-12-05V4L/DVB (13495): pvrusb2: Support 16KB FX2 firmwareMike Isely
2009-09-19V4L/DVB (12874): pvrusb2: disable tda18271 slave tuner output / loop thru in ...Michael Krufky
2009-06-16V4L/DVB (11856): pvrusb2: Ensure we specify I/F's for all bandwidthsSteven Toth
2009-06-16V4L/DVB (11701): pvrusb2: Ensure the PVRUSB2 disabled the i2c gate on the tda...Steven Toth
2009-06-16V4L/DVB (11744): pvrusb2: Select, track, and report IR scheme in use with the...Mike Isely
2009-06-16V4L/DVB (11699): pvrusb2: Ensure we specify the I/F at attach timeSteven Toth
2009-03-30V4L/DVB (11207): pvrusb2: Add composite and s-video input support for OnAir d...Mike Isely
2009-03-30V4L/DVB (11206): pvrusb2: Add sub-device for demodMike Isely
2009-03-30V4L/DVB (11200): pvrusb2: Make a bunch of dvb config structures const (trivial)Mike Isely
2009-03-30V4L/DVB (11199): pvrusb2: Convert all device definitions to use new sub-devic...Mike Isely
2008-09-29V4L/DVB (8892): pvrusb2: Handle USB ID 2040:2950 same as 2040:2900Mike Isely
2008-07-27V4L/DVB (8509): pvrusb2: fix device descriptions for HVR-1900 & HVR-1950Michael Krufky
2008-07-26V4L/DVB (8474): pvrusb2: Enable IR chip on HVR-1900 class devicesMike Isely
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (7936): pvrusb2: Remove svn Id keyword from all sourcesMike Isely
2008-07-20V4L/DVB (7882): pvrusb2: make code staticAdrian Bunk
2008-04-29V4L/DVB (7780): pvrusb2: always enable support for OnAir Creator / HDTV USB2Michael Krufky
2008-04-26V4L/DVB (7744): pvrusb2-dvb: add atsc/qam support for Hauppauge pvrusb2 model...Michael Krufky
2008-04-24V4L/DVB (7722): pvrusb2: Implement FM radio support for Gotview USB2.0 DVD 2Mike Isely
2008-04-24V4L/DVB (7717): pvrusb2-dvb: add DVB-T support for Hauppauge pvrusb2 model 73xxxMichael Krufky
2008-04-24V4L/DVB (7709): pvrusb2: New device attribute for encoder usage in digital modeMike Isely
2008-04-24V4L/DVB (7707): pvrusb2-dvb: add atsc/qam support for Hauppauge pvrusb2 model...Michael Krufky
2008-04-24V4L/DVB (7706): pvrusb2: create a separate pvr2_device_desc structure for 751...Michael Krufky
2008-04-24V4L/DVB (7705): pvrusb2: Enable OnAir digital operationMichael Krufky
2008-04-24V4L/DVB (7678): pvrusb2: Fix stupid string typo that has been reproducing wildlyMike Isely
2008-04-24V4L/DVB (7575a): Revert changeset 4c3b01f71181a52ab7735a7c52b1aa2232826075Mauro Carvalho Chehab
2008-04-24V4L/DVB (7381): tuner: rename TUNER_PHILIPS_ATSC to TUNER_PHILIPS_FCV1236DMichael Krufky
2008-04-24V4L/DVB (7323): pvrusb2: set default video standard to NTSC for OnAir HDTV / ...Michael Krufky
2008-04-24V4L/DVB (7315): pvrusb2: Add Gotview USB 2.0 DVD Deluxe to supported devicesMike Isely
2008-04-24V4L/DVB (7313): pvrusb2: Make LED control into a device-specific attributeMike Isely
2008-04-24V4L/DVB (7308): pvrusb2: Define digital control scheme device attributesMike Isely
2008-04-24V4L/DVB (7296): pvrusb2: Define device attributes for all input modesMike Isely
2008-04-24V4L/DVB (7295): pvrusb2: add device attributes for fm radio and digital tunerMike Isely
2008-04-07pvrusb2: fix broken build due to patch order dependencyMichael Krufky
2008-04-06V4L/DVB (7497): pvrusb2: add new usb pid for 73xxx modelsMichael Krufky
2008-04-06V4L/DVB (7496): pvrusb2: add new usb pid for 75xxx modelsMichael Krufky
2008-01-25V4L/DVB (6967): pvrusb2: add support for Hauppauge WinTV PVR-USB2 Model 75xxxMichael Krufky
2008-01-25V4L/DVB (6773): pvrusb2: rework device descriptor layoutMike Isely
2008-01-25V4L/DVB (6769): pvrusb2: Implement experimental support for OnAir Creator and...Mike Isely
2008-01-25V4L/DVB (6768): pvrusb2: Mark Gotview hardware as having a cx2584x partMike Isely
2008-01-25V4L/DVB (6705): pvrusb2: Implement default standard selection based on device...Mike Isely
2008-01-25V4L/DVB (6702): pvrusb2: fix typo in commentsMichael Krufky
2008-01-25V4L/DVB (6701): pvrusb2: Enable support for "GOTVIEW USB2.0 DVD2" hardwareMike Isely
2008-01-25V4L/DVB (6699): pvrusb2: Use of virtual IR chip is a device-specific attributeMike Isely
2008-01-25V4L/DVB (6698): pvrusb2: Implement signal routing schemesMike Isely
2008-01-25V4L/DVB (6697): pvrusb2: Existence of Hauppauge ROM is a device-specific attr...Mike Isely
2008-01-25V4L/DVB (6692): pvrusb2: Centralize device specific attributes into a single ...Mike Isely