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2011-07-19USB:Enable GPIO configuration at connectlinaro-11.07-2.6.38Sakethram Bommisetti
2011-07-04video: mcde: Add fake color map functionalityRobert Fekete
2011-06-29regulators: Remove force of VextSupplies on AB 3.xBengt Jonsson
2011-06-29U8500: change GPIO for SIM activity detection driverBibek Basu
2011-06-29video: mcde: DSI link wait for csm_runningAnders Bauer
2011-06-29crypto: ux500: hash: HMAC (sha1/sha256) supportBerne Hebark
2011-06-29video: mcde: Add Fictive displayPer Persson
2011-06-29b2r2: Correct support for 24/32bit (A)YUV(8)888Maciej Socha
2011-06-29power: ab5500-btemp: do not measure temp if battery is unknownArun Murthy
2011-06-29u8500 : dont make SIM detect driver enable by defaultBibek Basu
2011-06-29drivers: watchdog: Add ux500-watchdog driverJonas Aaberg
2011-06-29U5500 : ab5500 core interrupt hander updateBibek Basu
2011-06-29mfd: ab5500-gpadc: Discard adc converted value if < 5Arun Murthy
2011-06-29arm: ux500: Added mode handling of VintcoreBengt Jonsson
2011-06-29staging: mmio: enable extended DDR usageRajat Verma
2011-06-29power: u5500: Fix and activate Battery Management for U5500Philippe Langlais
2011-06-29power: Add ab5500 battery, temp, fg, driverArun Murthy
2011-06-29power: ab5500-btemp: temperature monitoring driverArun Murthy
2011-06-29power: ab5500-fg: fuel gauge driver for ab5500Arun Murthy
2011-06-29power: abx500-chargalg: charging algorithmArun Murthy
2011-06-29power: ab5500-charger: ab5500 usb charger driverArun Murthy
2011-06-29mfd: ab5500 - update with battery driver related stuffArun Murthy
2011-06-29power: ab8500_fg: Fixed correct conversion type for a printKalle Komierowski
2011-06-29U8500 : driver for awaking modem on sim hot swap activityBibek Basu
2011-06-29crypto: ux500: hash: Empty message supportBerne Hebark
2011-06-29u8500: shrm: Add support for CIQ L2Mux channelKumar Sanghvi
2011-06-29power: ab8500_bm: Add sysfs node for charge_fullJohan Palsson
2011-06-29mmc: Retry a read/write req when error is EAGAINUlf Hansson
2011-06-29drivers:nmf-cm: Correct handling of CR registerRickard Andersson
2011-06-29Stagging : AB5500 SIM interface DriverBibek Basu
2011-06-29u8500: shrm: Move shrm to drivers/modemKumar Sanghvi
2011-06-29u8500: shrm: Adapt to use Modem Access frameworkKumar Sanghvi
2011-06-29drivers: modem: Add modem access driver for STE U8500Kumar Sanghvi
2011-06-29drivers: Add Modem Access FrameworkKumar Sanghvi
2011-06-29u5500: leds: lm3530: calibrate ALS input voltageShreshtha Kumar Sahu
2011-06-29amba-pl022: Add missing return value updateVirupax Sadashivpetimath
2011-06-29hwmon: ab8500: Automatically monitor sensors when an alarm is setChris Kimber
2011-06-29power: remove charger from ab8500 structMattias Wallin
2011-06-29dmaengine/ste_dma40: use AMBA PrimeCell helper macrosLinus Walleij
2011-06-29dmaengine/ste_dma40: allow memory buswidth/burst to be configuredRabin Vincent
2011-06-28USB:Software fix for usb eye diagram issue when drawing more than 100mASakethram Bommisetti
2011-06-27USB:Dedicated charger connect issue on ABv3Sakethram Bommisetti
2011-06-22cw1200: throughput optimization and fine-tuning.Dmitry Tarnyagin
2011-06-22cw1200: Remove link to platform_device from platform_data.Dmitry Tarnyagin
2011-06-22cw1200: rate policy optimization.Dmitry Tarnyagin
2011-06-22cw1200: Document and optimize device reset sequence.Dmitry Tarnyagin
2011-06-22cw1200: New option for 5GHz support.Dmitry Tarnyagin
2011-06-22cw1200: 11n verification and bugfixing.Dmitry Tarnyagin
2011-06-22cw1200: stylistic change: move RX callback to txrx.cDmitry Tarnyagin
2011-06-22cw1200: Multi-tx confirmation is implemented.Dmitry Tarnyagin