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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-08-24Snowball: Change initial GPIO26 directionHEADlinaro-11.08-2.6.38glk38Frans Gifford
2011-07-19USB:Enable GPIO configuration at connectlinaro-11.07-2.6.38Sakethram Bommisetti
2011-07-07Revert "ux500: Set VMALLOC_END to the highest possible value below DMA area"Philippe LANGLAIS
2011-07-05mach-ux500: Align ux500 platform files with previous 2.6.35 onesPhilippe Langlais
2011-07-05ux500: Set VMALLOC_END to the highest possible value below DMA areaPhilippe Langlais
2011-06-29ux500: hdmi: Fix regulator regressionPhilippe Langlais
2011-06-29U8500: change GPIO for SIM activity detection driverBibek Basu
2011-06-29u5500: allow SUSPEND_STANDBY and CPUIDLE to be enabledRabin Vincent
2011-06-29ARM: u5500: PRCMU reset APIPawel Szyszuk
2011-06-29u5500: ensure AB<->PRCMU pins don't change with IOFORCERabin Vincent
2011-06-29ARM: ux500: Suspend works independentlyRickard Andersson
2011-06-29video: mcde: Add Fictive displayPer Persson
2011-06-29ARM: ux500: pm: Use relaxed read/write for gicJonas Aaberg
2011-06-29ARM: u8500: Remove SVP supportJonas Aaberg
2011-06-29ARM: ux500: Remove u8500 ED and V1 supportJonas Aaberg
2011-06-29mach-ux500: Add GPIO pin config for modem uartSesahgiri.Holi
2011-06-29u5500: PRCMU IRQ should be NO_SUSPENDRabin Vincent
2011-06-29u5500: pm: check for TPIU clock before context save/restoreRabin Vincent
2011-06-29u5500: add mailbox1 and related function supportShreshtha Kumar Sahu
2011-06-29ARM: ux500: cpuidle_dbg: Tiny code clean-upJonas Aaberg
2011-06-29ARM: ux500: cpuidle_dbg: Fix build warningJonas Aaberg
2011-06-29ARM: ux500: Add platform data for prcmu watchdogJonas Aaberg
2011-06-29ARM: ux500: prcmu-dbg: Tiny code clean-upJonas Aaberg
2011-06-29ARM: ux500: hwreg: Tiny code clean-upJonas Aaberg
2011-06-29ARM: ux500: mmio: Correct disable mode gpio configRajat Verma
2011-06-29arm: ux500: Added mode handling of VintcoreBengt Jonsson
2011-06-29ARM: u8500: dma: Remove V1 supportJonas Aaberg
2011-06-29power: u5500: Fix and activate Battery Management for U5500Philippe Langlais
2011-06-29mach-ux500: platform data for ab5500 battery driverArun Murthy
2011-06-29ARM: ux500: cpuidle_dbg: Add SGA as know blockerJonas Aaberg
2011-06-29u5500: add empty prmcu_is_ac_wake_requested()Rabin Vincent
2011-06-29U8500 : driver for awaking modem on sim hot swap activityBibek Basu
2011-06-29ARM: ux500: prcmu: Add A9 watchdog interfaceJonas Aaberg
2011-06-29ARM: ux500: pm: Use relaxed read/write for ARM restoreRickard Andersson
2011-06-29ARM: ux500: sdi: Remove u8500 v1 supportJonas Aaberg
2011-06-29u5500: support GPIO interrupts via PRCMURabin Vincent
2011-06-29U5500: Add support for power state transitionVijaya Kumar Kilari
2011-06-29mach-ux500: Support db8500 v2.2 chip in kernelShreshtha Kumar Sahu
2011-06-29mach-ux500: Suppress ../../ for external includePhilippe Langlais
2011-06-29ux500: cpuidle_dbg: 5500 supportRabin Vincent
2011-06-29U5500: Add support for PRCMU Mailbox0Philippe Langlais
2011-06-29ARM: ux500: cpuidle_dbg: Less debug info on by defaultJonas Aaberg
2011-06-29arm: ux500: correct the prcc kclk operationsMattias Nilsson
2011-06-29Stagging : AB5500 SIM interface DriverBibek Basu
2011-06-29u8500: shrm: Move shrm to drivers/modemKumar Sanghvi
2011-06-29u8500: shrm: Adapt to use Modem Access frameworkKumar Sanghvi
2011-06-29drivers: modem: Add modem access driver for STE U8500Kumar Sanghvi
2011-06-29arm: ux500: prcmu_ac_wake_req workaroundMattias Nilsson
2011-06-29ux500: suspend: ESRAM0 to RET instead of OFFMartin Persson
2011-06-29u5500: leds: lm3530: calibrate ALS input voltageShreshtha Kumar Sahu