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@@ -26,3 +26,16 @@ config CAN_RAW
most cases where no higher level protocol is being used. The raw
socket has several filter options e.g. ID masking / error frames.
To receive/send raw CAN messages, use AF_CAN with protocol CAN_RAW.
+config CAN_BCM
+ tristate "Broadcast Manager CAN Protocol (with content filtering)"
+ depends on CAN
+ default N
+ ---help---
+ The Broadcast Manager offers content filtering, timeout monitoring,
+ sending of RTR frames, and cyclic CAN messages without permanent user
+ interaction. The BCM can be 'programmed' via the BSD socket API and
+ informs you on demand e.g. only on content updates / timeouts.
+ You probably want to use the bcm socket in most cases where cyclic
+ CAN messages are used on the bus (e.g. in automotive environments).
+ To use the Broadcast Manager, use AF_CAN with protocol CAN_BCM.