path: root/fs/ocfs2/xattr.h
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authorTao Ma <tao.ma@oracle.com>2009-09-21 13:04:19 +0800
committerJoel Becker <joel.becker@oracle.com>2009-09-22 20:09:43 -0700
commit0129241e2b3b90ff83a8c774353e5612d84bd493 (patch)
treeeec03f874cbdbc4c9eab4900f2de89fd1747a5ee /fs/ocfs2/xattr.h
parent47bca4950bc40fb54e9d41cbbc8b06cd653d2ae2 (diff)
ocfs2: Attach xattr clusters to refcount tree.
In ocfs2, when xattr's value is larger than OCFS2_XATTR_INLINE_SIZE, it will be kept outside of the blocks we store xattr entry. And they are stored in a b-tree also. So this patch try to attach all these clusters to refcount tree also. Signed-off-by: Tao Ma <tao.ma@oracle.com>
Diffstat (limited to 'fs/ocfs2/xattr.h')
1 files changed, 5 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/fs/ocfs2/xattr.h b/fs/ocfs2/xattr.h
index 1ca7e9a1b7b..a3295d705ce 100644
--- a/fs/ocfs2/xattr.h
+++ b/fs/ocfs2/xattr.h
@@ -83,5 +83,9 @@ struct ocfs2_xattr_value_buf {
struct ocfs2_xattr_value_root *vb_xv;
+int ocfs2_xattr_attach_refcount_tree(struct inode *inode,
+ struct buffer_head *fe_bh,
+ struct ocfs2_caching_info *ref_ci,
+ struct buffer_head *ref_root_bh,
+ struct ocfs2_cached_dealloc_ctxt *dealloc);
#endif /* OCFS2_XATTR_H */