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authorTom Parker <blackfin@tevp.net>2009-03-03 17:59:39 +0800
committerBryan Wu <cooloney@kernel.org>2009-03-03 17:59:39 +0800
commit97d4b35fb44cd5a80bc10952e2b1de5d3a14117b (patch)
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Blackfin arch: fix bug - Error if one serial has hardware flow control and the other doesn't
I have a system where UART0 is configured with hardware flow control, but UART1 doesn't have it enabled. Attempting to access UART1 in this configuration results in the following error in dmesg: <3>bfin-gpio: GPIO 0 is already reserved as Peripheral by bfin-uart ! <5>Stack from 0082bc7c: <5> 0082bc88 00404dd6 00000003 00000000 0054051e 004079da 0082bcb4 00000000 <5> 00000003 00000000 0052686c 0113f2a0 005fa3f0 00000032 20515249 00003035 <5> 00427228 00526e50 0113f2e0 005fa3f0 00000032 0113f2e0 0054b748 0000ffff <5> 22222222 22222222 004e1628 00427304 00000000 00000032 00000023 0054b748 <5> 00487a94 0054b7e8 0054b748 0000000b 00487fb8 0054b748 0054b748 00000001 <5> 0000000a 005fa3f0 009d4fe8 0101e3c0 0054b748 005fa3f0 0050b134 0054b748 <5> <5>Call Trace: <4>[<00485c16>] _uart_startup+0x56/0x178 <4>[<004865c8>] _uart_open+0x40/0x3e0 <4>[<0048661c>] _uart_open+0x94/0x3e0 <4>[<0047f1ce>] _init_dev+0x1fa/0x450 <4>[<004e1628>] ___mutex_unlock_slowpath+0x30/0xe8 <4>[<004815da>] _tty_open+0xf6/0x21c <4>[<0043dab0>] ___path_lookup_intent_open+0x34/0x7c <4>[<004375e4>] _chrdev_open+0x7c/0x134 <4>[<0043dc2c>] _open_namei+0x60/0x568 <4>[<00433fa2>] ___dentry_open+0x9e/0x188 <4>[<00437568>] _chrdev_open+0x0/0x134 <4>[<0043410c>] _nameidata_to_filp+0x30/0x3c <4>[<00434152>] _do_filp_open+0x3a/0x44 <4>[<00408826>] _task_running_tick+0x102/0x278 <4>[<0043418e>] _do_sys_open+0x32/0xac <4>[<0043ede4>] _sys_ioctl+0x28/0x50 <4>[<0043edbc>] _sys_ioctl+0x0/0x50 <4>[<00434224>] _sys_open+0x18/0x20 <4>[<0043420c>] _sys_open+0x0/0x20 <4>[<00418174>] _sys_setuid+0x0/0xc8 This is because the #ifdef's in bfin_serial_5xx.h are messed up. More specifically, they add/remove the uart_{rts,cts}_pin fields in bfin_serial_resources based on whether the particular port has rts/cts enabled, as opposed to when either port has it enabled. This patch fixed this. Signed-off-by: Tom Parker <blackfin@tevp.net> Signed-off-by: Sonic Zhang <sonic.zhang@analog.com> Signed-off-by: Bryan Wu <cooloney@kernel.org>
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