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2007-02-09[ALSA] sound: aoa of_node_put and kfree cleanupMariusz Kozlowski
2007-02-09[ALSA] ASoC at91 - Fix NULL pointer dereference in at91_i2s_shutdownFrank Mandarino
2007-02-09[ALSA] hda-codec - Add support for Toshiba M105 to Realtek patchTobin Davis
2007-02-09[ALSA] Solve typos/compilation problems for debug functions in soc-dapm and a...Raúl Sánchez Siles
2007-02-09[ALSA] hda-codec - Change default config for Asus P5GD1Tobin Davis
2007-02-09[ALSA] Add support of the ESI Waveterminal 192M to the ice1724 ALSA driverClement Guedez
2007-02-09[ALSA] hda-codec - Add Asus P5W DH to alc882_cfg_tblTobin Davis
2007-02-09[ALSA] usbaudio.c: remove unneeded castsJohn Daiker
2007-02-09[ALSA] ac97 - fix various issues with AD1986/AD1986A supportRandy Cushman
2007-02-09[ALSA] ac97 - fix malfunctioning mixer controls for AD1985Randy Cushman
2007-02-09[ALSA] soc - Fix delayed_work related changes on 2.6.20 kernelTakashi Iwai
2007-02-09[ALSA] ac97 - fix microphone and line_in selection logicRandy Cushman
2007-02-09[ALSA] soc - Use global workqueueTakashi Iwai
2007-02-09[ALSA] ak4114 - Use global workqueueTakashi Iwai
2007-02-09[ALSA] hda-codec - Use global workqueueTakashi Iwai
2007-02-09[ALSA] sound: Change final two instances of kcalloc(1,...) to kzalloc()Robert P. J. Day
2007-02-09[ALSA] Remove AC97 POP control for STAC9708/11James C Georgas
2007-02-09[ALSA] sparc dbri comment fixKrzysztof Helt
2007-02-09[ALSA] Additional credits to soc-coreLiam Girdwood
2007-02-09[ALSA] Remove trailing white space from wm9712.cLiam Girdwood
2007-02-09[ALSA] hda-codec - Add quirk for Turbo-X Coeus G610PTobin Davis
2007-02-09[ALSA] snd-aoa: fix onyx resumeJohannes Berg
2007-02-09[ALSA] hda: add sigmatel 9205 eapd supportMatt Porter
2007-02-09[ALSA] ice1724 - Add support for Prodigy 7.1 XTToshimune Konno
2007-02-09[ALSA] Fix AC97_BUS in soc/pxa/KconfigTakashi Iwai
2007-02-09[ALSA] hda-codec (realtek): add support for MacPro series workstationsTobin Davis
2007-02-09[ALSA] Fix the soc code after dhowells workqueue changes.Andrew Morton
2007-02-09[ALSA] ca0106: Fix sound capture on Audigy LS via AC97.James Courtier-Dutton
2007-02-09[ALSA] arm header fixAndrew Morton
2007-02-09[ALSA] create driver symlink in snd-aoa /sys/bus/aoa-soundbus/devices/*/Olaf Hering
2007-02-09[ALSA] create device symlink in snd-aoaOlaf Hering
2007-02-09[ALSA] emu10k1: Rename the digital optical capture control for the Audigy 2 ZSJames Courtier-Dutton
2007-02-09[ALSA] emu10k1: Add Audio capture support for Audigy 2 ZS Notebook.James Courtier-Dutton
2007-02-09[ALSA] Current driver does not utilize 44.1kHz high quality sampling rate con...Teru KAMOGASHIRA
2007-02-09[ALSA] hda-codec - Add support for VIA VT1708(A) HD audio codecJoseph Chan
2007-02-09[ALSA] sound/soc/soc-dapm.c: make 4 functions staticAdrian Bunk
2007-02-09[ALSA] hda-codec - Make internal speaker work on Acer C20x tabletsJonathan Woithe
2007-02-09[ALSA] hda-codec - Fix compile warnings without CONFIG_SND_DEBUGTakashi Iwai
2007-02-09[ALSA] ASoC - Bit clock matching errorPhilipp Zabel
2007-02-09[ALSA] hda-codec - Use snd_pci_quirk_lookup() for board config lookupTakashi Iwai
2007-02-09[ALSA] Clean up serial-u16500.cTakashi Iwai
2007-02-09[ALSA] Update AT91 ASoC driver for 2.6.19 kernel.Frank Mandarino
2007-02-09[ALSA] intel8x0 - Add spdif_aclink optionTakashi Iwai
2007-02-09[ALSA] ens1371 - Clean up quirksTakashi Iwai
2007-02-09[ALSA] via82xx - Use quirk list helper functionTakashi Iwai
2007-02-09[ALSA] maestro3 - Use quirk list helper functionTakashi Iwai
2007-02-09[ALSA] nm256 - Use quirk list helper functionTakashi Iwai
2007-02-09[ALSA] atiixp - Use quirk list helper functionTakashi Iwai
2007-02-09[ALSA] Add PCI quirk list helper functionTakashi Iwai
2007-02-09[ALSA] echoaudio, add TLV supportGiuliano Pochini