path: root/sound/pci/hda/patch_realtek.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-08-13ALSA: hda - Add PC-beep whitelist for an Intel boardTakashi Iwai
2010-07-29ALSA: hda - Add a PC-beep workaround for ASUS P5-VTakashi Iwai
2010-07-28ALSA: hda - Assume PC-beep as default for RealtekTakashi Iwai
2010-07-28ALSA: hda - Don't register beep input device when no beep is availableTakashi Iwai
2010-07-05ALSA: hda - Enable beep on Realtek codecs with PCI SSID overrideTakashi Iwai
2010-06-22ALSA: hda - Add Macbook 5,2 quirkLuke Yelavich
2010-06-22ALSA: hda - Fix uninitialized variableTakashi Iwai
2010-06-14ALSA: hda - Fix line-in for mb5 model MacBook (Pro) 5,1 / 5,2Alex Murray
2010-06-11ALSA: hda - Don't check capture source mixer if no ADC is availableTakashi Iwai
2010-06-08ALSA: hda - Add SSID table for iMac7,1.Justin P. Mattock
2010-06-08ALSA: hda - Add SSID table for MacBookAir1,1Justin P. Mattock
2010-06-08ALSA: hda - Add SSID table for MacBookAir2,1Justin P. Mattock
2010-05-31ALSA: hda: Use mb31 quirk for an iMac modelDaniel T Chen
2010-05-25ALSA: hda - iMac9,1 sound fixesJustin P. Mattock
2010-05-20ALSA: hda: Storage class should be before const qualifierTobias Klauser
2010-05-10Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hdaTakashi Iwai
2010-05-10ALSA: Revert "ALSA: hda/realtek: quirk for D945GCLF2 mainboard"Stefan Lippers-Hollmann
2010-05-06ALSA: hda - Remove superfluous external amp setup for ALC888Takashi Iwai
2010-05-06Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hdaTakashi Iwai
2010-04-22ALSA: hda: Use ALC880_F1734 quirk for Fujitsu Siemens AMILO Xi 1526Daniel T Chen
2010-04-15Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hdaTakashi Iwai
2010-04-15ALSA: hda - add a quirk for Clevo M570U laptopJoerg Schirottke
2010-04-14Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hdaTakashi Iwai
2010-04-12ALSA: hda - Add fix-up for Sony VAIO with ALC269Takashi Iwai
2010-04-12ALSA: hda - Enhance fix-up table for Realtek codecsTakashi Iwai
2010-04-09Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hdaTakashi Iwai
2010-04-09ALSA: hda - Fix initial capture source connections of ALC880/260Takashi Iwai
2010-04-09ALSA: hda - Fix setup for ALC269vb amic and dmic modelsKailang Yang
2010-04-09ALSA: hda - Fix auto-parser of ALC269vb for HP pin NID 0x21Kailang Yang
2010-04-07ALSA: hda: Add support for Medion WIM2160Maurus Cuelenaere
2010-04-07ALSA: hda - Remove left-over debug printk in patch_realtek.cTakashi Iwai
2010-04-07ALSA: hda - Fix ALC882 DAC connections in auto modeTakashi Iwai
2010-04-07Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hdaTakashi Iwai
2010-04-05ALSA: hda - Fix a wrong array range check in patch_realtek.cTakashi Iwai
2010-04-05ALSA: hda - Enable amplifiers on Acer Inspire 6530GTony Vroon
2010-03-30ALSA: hda - introduce snd_hda_codec_update_cache()Takashi Iwai
2010-03-30ALSA: hda - Add mute LED support for HP laptop with ALC269Takashi Iwai
2010-03-30Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hdaTakashi Iwai
2010-03-30ALSA: hda - Add missing printk argument in previous patchTakashi Iwai
2010-03-29ALSA: hda - Fix ADC/MUX assignment of ALC269 codecTakashi Iwai
2010-03-29Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hdaTakashi Iwai
2010-03-29ALSA: hda - Fix invalid bit values passed to snd_hda_codec_amp_stereo()Takashi Iwai
2010-03-25Merge branch 'fix/hda' into topic/hdaTakashi Iwai
2010-03-25ALSA: hda - Don't set invalid connection index in Realtek initialiaitonTakashi Iwai
2010-03-22ALSA: hda - Fix uninitialized variable warning in alc_auto_parse_customize_de...Takashi Iwai
2010-03-22ALSA: hda - Fix access-after-free in patch_realtek.cTakashi Iwai
2010-03-19ALSA: hda - Add alc_codec_rename() helperKailang Yang
2010-03-19ALSA: hda - Add parse customize define function for Realtek codecsKailang Yang
2010-03-16ALSA: hda: Use LPIB and 6stack-dig for eMachines T5212Daniel T Chen
2010-03-15ALSA: hda - Add PCI quirks for MSI NetOn AP1900 and Wind Top AE2220Anisse Astier