path: root/fs/reiserfs/xattr.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-04-24reiserfs: fix corruption during shrinking of xattrsJeff Mahoney
2010-04-24reiserfs: fix permissions on .reiserfs_privJeff Mahoney
2010-03-30include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to prepare for breaking imp...Tejun Heo
2010-03-05dquot: move dquot initialization responsibility into the filesystemChristoph Hellwig
2010-01-08Merge branch 'reiserfs/kill-bkl' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel...Linus Torvalds
2010-01-07reiserfs: Relax reiserfs_xattr_set_handle() while acquiring xattr locksFrederic Weisbecker
2010-01-05reiserfs: Relax lock on xattr removingFrederic Weisbecker
2010-01-03reiserfs: Fix mistake in down_write() conversionFrederic Weisbecker
2010-01-02Merge branch 'reiserfs/kill-bkl' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel...Linus Torvalds
2010-01-02reiserfs: Safely acquire i_mutex from xattr_rmdirFrederic Weisbecker
2010-01-02reiserfs: Safely acquire i_mutex from reiserfs_for_each_xattrFrederic Weisbecker
2010-01-02reiserfs: Fix journal mutex <-> inode mutex lock inversionFrederic Weisbecker
2010-01-02reiserfs: Relax lock before open xattr dir in reiserfs_xattr_set_handle()Frederic Weisbecker
2010-01-02reiserfs: Fix reiserfs lock <-> i_mutex dependency inversion on xattrFrederic Weisbecker
2010-01-02reiserfs: Fix reiserfs lock <-> i_xattr_sem dependency inversionFrederic Weisbecker
2009-12-16reiserfs: Fix reiserfs lock <-> inode mutex dependency inversionFrederic Weisbecker
2009-12-16sanitize xattr handler prototypesChristoph Hellwig
2009-09-14kill-the-bkl/reiserfs: fix "reiserfs lock" / "inode mutex" lock inversion dep...Frederic Weisbecker
2009-09-14kill-the-bkl/reiserfs: acquire the inode mutex safelyFrederic Weisbecker
2009-07-12headers: smp_lock.h reduxAlexey Dobriyan
2009-06-11reiserfs: allow exposing privroot w/ xattrs enabledJeff Mahoney
2009-05-17reiserfs: fixup perms when xattrs are disabledJeff Mahoney
2009-05-17reiserfs: deal with NULL xattr root w/ xattrs disabledJeff Mahoney
2009-05-17reiserfs: clean up ifdefsJeff Mahoney
2009-05-09reiserfs: remove privroot hiding in lookupJeff Mahoney
2009-05-09reiserfs: fixup xattr_root cachingJeff Mahoney
2009-05-09Always lookup priv_root on reiserfs mount and keep itAl Viro
2009-05-09reiserfs: Expand i_mutex to enclose lookup_one_lenJeff Mahoney
2009-03-30reiserfs: xattr_create is unused with xattrs disabledJeff Mahoney
2009-03-30Merge branch 'reiserfs-updates' from Jeff MahoneyLinus Torvalds
2009-03-30reiserfs: use generic readdir for operations across all xattrsJeff Mahoney
2009-03-30reiserfs: journaled xattrsJeff Mahoney
2009-03-30reiserfs: use generic xattr handlersJeff Mahoney
2009-03-30reiserfs: remove i_has_xattr_dirJeff Mahoney
2009-03-30reiserfs: make per-inode xattr locking more fine grainedJeff Mahoney
2009-03-30reiserfs: eliminate per-super xattr lockJeff Mahoney
2009-03-30reiserfs: simplify xattr internal file lookups/opensJeff Mahoney
2009-03-30reiserfs: Clean up xattrs when REISERFS_FS_XATTR is unsetJeff Mahoney
2009-03-30reiserfs: remove IS_PRIVATE helpersJeff Mahoney
2009-03-30reiserfs: remove link detection codeJeff Mahoney
2009-03-30reiserfs: xattr reiserfs_get_page takes offset instead of indexJeff Mahoney
2009-03-30reiserfs: small variable cleanupJeff Mahoney
2009-03-30reiserfs: use reiserfs_error()Jeff Mahoney
2009-03-30reiserfs: rework reiserfs_warningJeff Mahoney
2009-03-30reiserfs: make some warnings informationalJeff Mahoney
2009-03-27constify dentry_operations: misc filesystemsAl Viro
2008-10-16fs/reiserfs: use an IS_ERR test rather than a NULL testJulien Brunel
2008-07-26[PATCH] sanitize ->permission() prototypeAl Viro
2008-04-18fs: Remove unnecessary inclusions of asm/semaphore.hMatthew Wilcox
2008-03-19[PATCH] reiserfs: eliminate private use of struct file in xattrJeff Mahoney