path: root/drivers/usb/serial/ftdi_sio.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-08-13USB: ftdi_sio: device id for Navitatordranch@trinnet.net
2010-08-13USB: serial: enabling support for Segway RMP in ftdi_sioJohn G. Rogers
2010-07-26USB: FTDI: Add support for the RT System VX-7 radio programming cableCorey Minyard
2010-07-26USB: ftdi_sio: support for Signalyzer tools based on FTDI chipsColin Leitner
2010-06-30USB: serial: ftdi: correct merge conflict with CONTEC idDaniel Sangorrin
2010-06-04USB: ftdi_sio: fix DTR/RTS line modesDaniel Mack
2010-05-20USB: ftdi_sio: fix legacy SIO-device headerJohan Hovold
2010-05-20USB: ftdi_sio: checkpatch cleanupsGreg Kroah-Hartman
2010-05-20USB: ftdi_sio: clean up line-status handlingJohan Hovold
2010-05-20USB: ftdi_sio: use tty_insert_flip_string_fixed_flagJohan Hovold
2010-05-20USB: serial: remove multi-urb write from generic driverJohan Hovold
2010-05-20USB: ftdi_sio: clean up SIO write supportJohan Hovold
2010-05-20USB: ftdi_sio: switch to generic write implementationJohan Hovold
2010-05-20USB: ftdi_sio: fix some coding style issuesJohan Hovold
2010-05-20USB: ftdi_sio: switch to generic read implementationJohan Hovold
2010-05-20USB: serial: allow drivers to define bulk buffer sizesJohan Hovold
2010-05-20usb-serial: Use tty_port version console instead of usb_serial_portJason Wessel
2010-03-19USB: ftdi_sio: Fix locking for change_speed() functionAlessio Igor Bogani
2010-03-19USB: serial: ftdi: add CONTEC vendor and product idDaniel Sangorrin
2010-03-02USB: ftdi_sio: remove obsolete check in unthrottleJohan Hovold
2010-03-02USB: ftdi_sio: remove unused tx_bytes counterJohan Hovold
2010-03-02USB: serial: ftdi: add CONTEC vendor and product idDaniel Sangorrin
2010-03-02USB: serial: Remove unnecessary \n's from dbg usesJoe Perches
2010-03-02USB: add new ftdi_sio device idsMitchell Solomon
2010-03-02USB: ftdi_sio: Replace BKL with a mutexAlessio Igor Bogani
2010-03-02USB: ftdi_sio: correct spelling in implementation fileAndreas Mohr
2010-03-02USB: ftdi_sio: remove unnecessary initialisationsJohan Hovold
2010-03-02USB: ftdi_sio: clean up modem status handlingJohan Hovold
2010-03-02USB: ftdi_sio: fix DMA buffers on stackJohan Hovold
2010-03-02USB: ftdi_sio: fix latency-timeout endianess bugJohan Hovold
2010-03-02USB: ftdi_sio: use error code from usb stack in read_latency_timerJohan Hovold
2010-03-02USB: ftdi_sio: remove support for 5 and 6 data bitsMark Adamson
2010-03-02USB: ftdi_sio: fix initialisation of latency timeoutJohan Hovold
2010-03-02USB: ftdi_sio: remove obsolete commentJohan Hovold
2010-03-02USB: ftdi_sio: fix error message on closeJohan Hovold
2010-02-16USB: ftdi_sio: add device IDs (several ELV, one Mindstorms NXT)Andreas Mohr
2010-02-16USB: ftdi_sio: new device id for papouch AD4USBRadek Liboska
2009-12-23USB: ftdi_sio: isolate all device IDs to new ftdi_sio_ids.h headerAndreas Mohr
2009-12-11USB: ftdi_sio: add USB device ID's for B&B Electronics lineCliff Brake
2009-12-11USB: serial: ftdi_sio: add space/mark parityRoland Koebler
2009-11-30USB: ftdi_sio: Keep going when write errors are encountered.Eric W. Biederman
2009-10-09USB: ftdi_sio: re-implement read processingJohan Hovold
2009-10-09USB: ftdi_sio: clean up read completion handlerJohan Hovold
2009-10-09USB: ftdi_sio: remove unused rx_byte counterJohan Hovold
2009-10-09USB: ftdi_sio: remove tty->low_latencyJohan Hovold
2009-09-23USB: serial: ftdi: handle gnICE+ JTAG adaptorsMichael Hennerich
2009-09-23USB: add PIDs for FTDI based OpenDCC hardwaremail@rainerkeller.de
2009-09-23USB: serial: ftdi_sio: new hardware support - hameg power supplyPawel Ludwikow
2009-09-19tty: USB does not need the filp argument in the driversAlan Cox
2009-08-07USB: ftdi_sio: add product_id for Marvell OpenRD Base, ClientDhaval Vasa