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2008-10-01[ARM] mm: enable sparsemem on clps7500 and RiscPCRussell King
2008-10-01[ARM] mm: finish ARM sparsemem supportRussell King
2008-10-01[ARM] mm: provide helpers for accessing membanksRussell King
2008-09-30[ARM] mm: move vmalloc= parsing to arch/arm/mm/mmu.cRussell King
2008-09-30[ARM] mm: move validation of membanks to one placeRussell King
2008-09-30[ARM] 5272/1: remove conditional compilation in show_pte()Nicolas Pitre
2008-09-30[ARM] 5271/1: get rid of pages_to_mb()Nicolas Pitre
2008-09-30[ARM] 5269/1: ARMv7: Use -march=armv7-a as compiler flagCatalin Marinas
2008-09-30[ARM] dma: fix some comments in dma-mapping.hRussell King
2008-09-30[ARM] dma: don't touch cache on dma_*_for_cpu()Russell King
2008-09-29[ARM] dma: add validation of DMA paramsRussell King
2008-09-29[ARM] dma: coding style cleanupsRussell King
2008-09-29[ARM] dma: fix dmabounce dma_sync_xxx() implementationsRussell King
2008-09-29[ARM] dma: use new dmabounce_sync_for_xxx() for dma_sync_single_xxx()Russell King
2008-09-29[ARM] dma: Reduce to one dma_sync_sg_* implementationRussell King
2008-09-25[ARM] dma: Reduce to one dma_map_sg()/dma_unmap_sg() implementationRussell King
2008-09-25[ARM] dma: provide a better dma_map_page() implementationRussell King
2008-09-25[ARM] Update dma_map_sg()/dma_unmap_sg() APIRussell King
2008-09-25[ARM] dma: rename consistent.c to dma-mapping.cRussell King
2008-09-25[ARM] Print details relevant to how we handle the cacheRussell King
2008-09-25[ARM] Introduce new bitmask based cache type macrosRussell King
2008-09-25[ARM] Remove cache type printksRussell King
2008-09-17[ARM] Fix IOP13xx build warningsRussell King
2008-09-09[ARM] Add -march=all to assembly file build in arch/arm/boot/compressedRussell King
2008-09-06[ARM] Convert asm/bitops.h to linux/bitops.hRussell King
2008-09-06[ARM] Convert asm/delay.h to linux/delay.hRussell King
2008-09-06[ARM] Convert asm/io.h to linux/io.hRussell King
2008-09-06[ARM] Convert asm/uaccess.h to linux/uaccess.hRussell King
2008-09-06[ARM] clean up a load of old declarationsRussell King
2008-09-06[ARM] move initrd code from kernel/setup.c to mm/init.cRussell King
2008-09-06[ARM] sparse: quieten arch/arm/kernel/irq.cRussell King
2008-09-06[ARM] remove pc_pointer()Russell King
2008-09-05[ARM] sparse: fix several warningsRussell King
2008-09-01[ARM] 5231/1: Do not save the frame pointer in the csum_partial_copy_* functionsCatalin Marinas
2008-09-01[ARM] 5230/1: Replace post-indexed LDRT/STRT in uaccess.hCatalin Marinas
2008-09-01[ARM] 5232/1: Do not post-index STRT instruction in clear_user.SCatalin Marinas
2008-09-01[ARM] 5227/1: Add the ENDPROC declarations to the .S filesCatalin Marinas
2008-09-01[ARM] 5222/1: Allow configuring user:kernel split via KconfigLennert Buytenhek
2008-09-01[ARM] 5221/1: fix ldm/stm emulation for kprobesNicolas Pitre
2008-09-01[ARM] 5211/2: fix a couple warnings from BUG() usageNicolas Pitre
2008-09-01[ARM] 5218/1: arm: improved futex supportMikael Pettersson
2008-09-01[ARM] 5206/1: remove kprobe_trap_handler() hackNicolas Pitre
2008-09-01[ARM] Update arch/arm/Kconfig for drivers/Kconfig changes, add cpuidleRussell King
2008-09-01[ARM] 5195/1: ARMv7 Oprofile supportJean PIHET
2008-09-01[ARM] cachetype: move definitions to separate headerRussell King
2008-09-01[ARM] cputype: separate definitions, use themRussell King
2008-08-25[x86] Clean up MAXSMP Kconfig, and limit NR_CPUS to 512Linus Torvalds
2008-08-25Merge branch 'x86-fixes-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kern...Linus Torvalds
2008-08-25KVM: MMU: Fix torn shadow pteAvi Kivity
2008-08-25x86: fix cpufreq + sched_clock() regressionPeter Zijlstra