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2006-06-30arch/arm26/Kconfig typosMatt LaPlante
2006-06-30typo fixes: specfic -> specificAdrian Bunk
2006-06-30typo fixes: occuring -> occurringAdrian Bunk
2006-06-30typo fixes: mecanism -> mechanismAdrian Bunk
2006-06-30typo fixes: bandwith -> bandwidthAdrian Bunk
2006-06-29Merge master.kernel.org:/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6Linus Torvalds
2006-06-29[NET]: make skb_release_data() staticAdrian Bunk
2006-06-29[SPARC64]: Print symbol name of regs->tpc on kernel unaligned accesses.David S. Miller
2006-06-29[SPARC64]: time: Kill unnecessary asm/{fhc,sbus,ebus,isa}.h includes.David S. Miller
2006-06-29[SPARC64] power: Convert to of_driver.David S. Miller
2006-06-29[SPARC64] auxio: Remove asm/{sbus,ebus}.h includes.David S. Miller
2006-06-29[SPARC]: sparc32 side of of_device layer IRQ resolution.David S. Miller
2006-06-29[SPARC64]: of_device layer IRQ resolutionDavid S. Miller
2006-06-29[SPARC64]: Fix typo in clock_probe().David S. Miller
2006-06-29[SPARC64] clock: Only probe central fhc clock on Enterprise boxes.David S. Miller
2006-06-29[SPARC64] power: Do not pass SA_SHIRQ to request_irq().David S. Miller
2006-06-29[SPARC64]: Fix typo in isa_dev_get_irq_using_imap().David S. Miller
2006-06-29[SPARC64]: Let irq_install_pre_handler() get called multiple times.David S. Miller
2006-06-29[SPARC]: Convert clock drivers to of_driver framework.David S. Miller
2006-06-29[SPARC64] auxio: Convert to pure of_device driver.David S. Miller
2006-06-29[SPARC]: Add of_io{remap,unmap}().David S. Miller
2006-06-29[SPARC]: Encode I/O space into resource flags on sparc32.David S. Miller
2006-06-29[SPARC]: Beginnings of generic of_device framework.David S. Miller
2006-06-29[SPARC]: Add of_n_{addr,size}_cells().David S. Miller
2006-06-29[SPARC64]: Kill starfire_cookie from SBUS/PCI.David S. Miller
2006-06-29Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/devfs-2.6Linus Torvalds
2006-06-29Merge branch 'upstream' of git://ftp.linux-mips.org/pub/scm/upstream-linusLinus Torvalds
2006-06-29[MIPS] Remove BSD and Sys V compat data types.Ralf Baechle
2006-06-29[MIPS] 74K: Assume it will also have an AR bit in config7Ralf Baechle
2006-06-29[MIPS] Treat CPUs with AR bit as physically indexed.Ralf Baechle
2006-06-29[MIPS] Oprofile: Support VSMP on 34K.Ralf Baechle
2006-06-29[MIPS] MIPS32/MIPS64 S-cache fix and cleanupAtsushi Nemoto
2006-06-29[MIPS] excite: PCI makefile needs to use += if it wants a chance to work.Ralf Baechle
2006-06-29[MIPS] excite: plat_setup -> plat_mem_setup.Ralf Baechle
2006-06-29[MIPS] au1xxx: export dbdma functionsDomen Puncer
2006-06-29[MIPS] au1xxx: dbdma, no sleeping under spin_lockDomen Puncer
2006-06-29[MIPS] Early printk for IP27.Ralf Baechle
2006-06-29[MIPS] Fix handling of 0 length I & D caches.Chris Dearman
2006-06-29[MIPS] Typo fixes.Chris Dearman
2006-06-29[MIPS] MIPS32/MIPS64 secondary cache managementChris Dearman
2006-06-29[MIPS] Remove first timer interrupt setup in wrppmc_timer_setup()Yoichi Yuasa
2006-06-29[MIPS] Fix configuration of R2 CPU features and multithreading.Ralf Baechle
2006-06-29[MIPS] Fix build error: don't offer SMP on systems that don't have SMP.Ralf Baechle
2006-06-29[MIPS] Limit MIPS_MT to MIPS32R2 only.Ralf Baechle
2006-06-29[MIPS] Remove set_c0_status(ST0_IM) from wrppmc's irq.c.Yoichi Yuasa
2006-06-29[MIPS] Remove unused system type name for DDB5074 and DDB5476.Yoichi Yuasa
2006-06-29[MIPS] Removes unused functions for GT64120Yoichi Yuasa
2006-06-29[MIPS] Fix use of ehb instruction for non-R2 configurations.Ralf Baechle
2006-06-29[MIPS] Consistent formatting for Qemu makefile segment.Ralf Baechle
2006-06-29[MIPS] Wire up tee(2).Ralf Baechle