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2007-07-07sh: Select IPR-IRQ for SH7091.Paul Mundt
Fixes a compile failure for the Dreamcast. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-06-20sh: Preliminary support for the SH-X3 CPU.Paul Mundt
This adds basic support for UP SH-X3. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-06-18sh: Check oops_may_print() in unhandled fault.Paul Mundt
Only print out pgd/pte data in the oops path if oops_may_print() holds true. Follows the i386 implementation. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-06-15sh: Only support PMB for SH-X cores.Paul Mundt
We don't have a PMB for SH-X2 or later, so only enable it for the few CPUs that support it. Fixes up the boot for SH4AL-DSP. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-06-11sh: Kill off broken dma page ops.Paul Mundt
There's no point in keeping these around, they've been broken for some time, and the dmaenging/async_tx framework provides a far more reasonable interface. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-06-11sh: Tidy up dependencies for SH-2 build.Paul Mundt
SH-2 can presently get in to some pretty bogus states, so we tidy up the dependencies a bit and get it all building again. This gets us a bit closer to a functional allyesconfig and allmodconfig, though there are still a few things to fix up. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-06-08sh: Kill off dead SH7604 support.Paul Mundt
This was added during 2.5.x, but was never moved along. This can easily be resurrected if someone has one they wish to work with, but it's not worth keeping around in its current form. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-06-08sh: memory hot-add for sparsemem users support.Paul Mundt
This enables simple hotplug support for sparsemem users. Presently this only permits memory being added in to node 0 on ZONE_NORMAL. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-06-08sh: Make NUMA depend on sparsemem.Paul Mundt
The only platforms that are supporting NUMA are doing so via sparsemem, so update the dependency. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-06-08sh: URAM node support for SH7722.Paul Mundt
This adds the URAM block on SH7722 as a separate node. Sparsemem is required for this, or it can simply be disabled by explicitly selecting a flatmem model. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-06-08sh: Support for multiple nodes.Paul Mundt
This adds basic support for multiple nodes on SH machines. This is primarily useful for boards with many different memory blocks that are otherwise unused (SH7722/SH7785 URAM and so forth). Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-06-08sh: Use asm/sections.h for linker section symbols.Paul Mundt
Kill off a bunch of externs, and use sections.h instead.. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-06-08sh: Fix up max_zone_pfns[] with multiple nodes.Paul Mundt
Currently using multiple nodes tramples the ZONE_NORMAL max low pfn, tidy up the logic a bit to get it all working as expected. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-06-08sh: Enable IPR-IRQ for SH7206.Paul Mundt
Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-06-08sh: sparsemem support.Paul Mundt
This implements basic sparsemem support for SH. Presently this only uses static sparsemem, and we still permit explicit selection of flatmem. Those boards that want sparsemem can select it as usual. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-06-08sh: Fix SH-4 CPU selects.Paul Mundt
Now that select no longer works for selecting the "closest" CPU, we have to explicitly reference the precise sub-type in the few places where it actually matters (presently only setup code and some legacy sh-sci cruft). Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-06-08sh: Rework CPU/board dependencies.Paul Mundt
This was a big mess, rework the logic a bit so that we constrain to a particular subtype and figure out the board support based on that. This makes building subtype specific kernels supporting multiple boards possible again. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-06-04sh: ioremap() through PMB needs asm/mmu.h.Paul Mundt
Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-05-21sh: Fix page size alignment in __copy_user_page().Paul Mundt
SH-3 comes up with the PAGE_SIZE on a misaligned boundary: arch/sh/mm/copy_page.S: Assembler messages: arch/sh/mm/copy_page.S:132: Warning: misaligned data fix it up with explicit alignment. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-05-21sh: Fix up various compile warnings for SE boards.Paul Mundt
- setup-sh7750.c only defines the sh7751_ipr_map when building with SH7751 support. - 7722 Solution Engine was missing a mach-type entry, causing the macro in cf-enabler to be undefined. - arch/sh/mm/init.c needs linux/pagemap.h. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-05-21sh: revert addition of page fault notifiersChristoph Hellwig
Just at the time you added them on sh we're removing them from other architectures. As there's no user yet this patch just removes them completely. Once you actually have a kprobes patch it should follow the direct call to kprobes_fault_handler model that powerpc, s390 and sparc64 employ in 2.6.22-rc1 and that I'm updating other architectures to. Signed-off-by: Christoph Hellwig <hch@lst.de> Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-05-21spelling fixes: arch/sh/Simon Arlott
Spelling fixes in arch/sh/. Signed-off-by: Simon Arlott <simon@fire.lp0.eu> Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-05-14sh: Kill off pmb slab cache destructor.Paul Mundt
This is the last remaining slab destructor in the kernel, which we kill off and move the resultant list tracking logic up to the pmb_alloc()/pmb_free() paths. As Christoph Lameter pointed out, it's potentially unsafe to be taking the list lock in the destructor anyways, so this is also more fundamentally correct. With this in place, we're all set for killing off slab destructors from the kernel entirely. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-05-14sh: Shut up compiler warnings in __do_page_fault().Paul Mundt
GCC doesn't seem to be able to figure this one out for itself, so just shut it up.. CC arch/sh/mm/fault.o arch/sh/mm/fault.c: In function '__do_page_fault': arch/sh/mm/fault.c:288: warning: 'ptl' may be used uninitialized in this function Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-05-09sh: Truncate MAX_ACTIVE_REGIONS for the common case.Paul Mundt
Most SH platforms aren't going to need more than a single active region, ones that need more can pad this out as necessary. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-05-09sh: Convert to common die chain.Paul Mundt
This went in immediately after SH added the die chain notifiers, so move over to that instead.. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-05-09sh: generic quicklist support.Paul Mundt
This moves SH over to the generic quicklists. As per x86_64, we have special mappings for the PGDs, so these go on their own list.. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-05-08header cleaning: don't include smp_lock.h when not usedRandy Dunlap
Remove includes of <linux/smp_lock.h> where it is not used/needed. Suggested by Al Viro. Builds cleanly on x86_64, i386, alpha, ia64, powerpc, sparc, sparc64, and arm (all 59 defconfigs). Signed-off-by: Randy Dunlap <randy.dunlap@oracle.com> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>
2007-05-08use SLAB_PANIC flag cleanupAkinobu Mita
Use SLAB_PANIC and delete duplicated panic(). Signed-off-by: Akinobu Mita <akinobu.mita@gmail.com> Cc: Ian Molton <spyro@f2s.com> Cc: David Howells <dhowells@redhat.com> Cc: Andi Kleen <ak@suse.de> Cc: Paul Mackerras <paulus@samba.org> Cc: Benjamin Herrenschmidt <benh@kernel.crashing.org> Cc: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>
2007-05-07sh: Add die chain notifiers.Paul Mundt
Add the atomic die chains in, kprobes needs these. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-05-07sh: Solution Engine SH7705 board and CPU updates.Nobuhiro Iwamatsu
This fixes up SH7705 CPU support and the SE7705 board for some of the recent changes. Signed-off-by: Nobuhiro Iwamatsu <nobuhiro.iwamatsu.zh@hitachi.com> Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-05-07sh: bootmem tidying for discontig/sparsemem preparation.Paul Mundt
This reworks some of the node 0 bootmem initialization in preparation for discontigmem and sparsemem support. ARCH_POPULATES_NODE_MAP is switched to as a result of this. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-05-07sh: MS7712SE01 board support.Nobuhiro Iwamatsu
Support the SH7712 (SH3-DSP) Solution Engine reference board. Signed-off-by: Nobuhiro Iwamatsu <iwamatsu@nigauri.org> Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-03-05sh: Revert lazy dcache writeback changes.Paul Mundt
These ended up causing too many problems on older parts, revert for now.. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-02-14sh: Revert TLB miss fast-path changes that broke PTEA parts.Paul Mundt
This ended up causing problems for older parts (particularly ones using PTEA). Revert this for now, it can be added back in once it's had some more testing. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-02-13sh: Kill dead/unused ISA code from __ioremap().Paul Mundt
Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-02-13sh: Switch to local TLB flush variants in additional callsites.Paul Mundt
Convert some of the global flush users over to using the local variants that don't need to use the global routines. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-02-13sh: Local TLB flushing variants for SMP prep.Paul Mundt
Rename the existing flush routines to local_ variants for use by the IPI-backed global flush routines on SMP. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-02-13sh: Fixup cpu_data references for the non-boot CPUs.Paul Mundt
There are a lot of bogus cpu_data-> references that only end up working for the boot CPU, convert these to current_cpu_data to fixup SMP. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-02-13sh: Use a per-cpu ASID cache.Paul Mundt
Previously this was implemented using a global cache, cache this per-CPU instead and bump up the number of context IDs to match NR_CPUS. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-02-13sh: add SH7760 IPR IRQ dataManuel Lauss
Add SH7760 IPR IRQ data; makes 2.6.20-rc bootable again. Signed-off-by: Manuel Lauss <mano@roarinelk.homelinux.net> Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-02-13sh: Don't set reserved _PAGE_WT bit on SH-3.Paul Mundt
Only SH-4 needs to set _PAGE_WT when using write-through caching, don't attempt to set it on SH-3 where it ends up being a reserved bit. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-02-13sh: Lazy dcache writeback optimizations.Paul Mundt
This converts the lazy dcache handling to the model described in Documentation/cachetlb.txt and drops the ptep_get_and_clear() hacks used for the aliasing dcaches on SH-4 and SH7705 in 32kB mode. As a bonus, this slightly cuts down on the cache flushing frequency. With that and the PTEA handling out of the way, the update_mmu_cache() implementations can be consolidated, and we no longer have to worry about which configuration the cache is in for the SH7705 case. And finally, explicitly disable the lazy writeback on SMP (SH-4A). Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-02-13sh: shmin updates.Takashi YOSHII
This fixes up shmin (and SH7706/SH7708) IPR support for some of the recent API changes. Signed-off-by: Takashi YOSHII <takasi-y@ops.dti.ne.jp> Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2007-02-12[PATCH] mark struct file_operations const 2Arjan van de Ven
Many struct file_operations in the kernel can be "const". Marking them const moves these to the .rodata section, which avoids false sharing with potential dirty data. In addition it'll catch accidental writes at compile time to these shared resources. [akpm@osdl.org: sparc64 fix] Signed-off-by: Arjan van de Ven <arjan@linux.intel.com> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>
2007-02-11[PATCH] optional ZONE_DMA: remove ZONE_DMA remains from sh/sh64Christoph Lameter
sh / sh64: Remove ZONE_DMA remains. Both arches do not need ZONE_DMA Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org> Signed-off-by: Christoph Lameter <clameter@sgi.com> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>
2006-12-12sh: SH-MobileR SH7722 CPU support.Paul Mundt
This adds CPU support for the SH7722. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2006-12-12sh: Convert remaining remap_area_pages() users to ioremap_page_range().Paul Mundt
A couple of these were missed. Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2006-12-12sh: Trivial build fixes for SH-2 support.Yoshinori Sato
Signed-off-by: Yoshinori Sato <ysato@users.sourceforge.jp> Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org>
2006-12-08[PATCH] Generic ioremap_page_range: sh conversionHaavard Skinnemoen
Convert SH to use generic ioremap_page_range() Signed-off-by: Haavard Skinnemoen <hskinnemoen@atmel.com> Signed-off-by: Paul Mundt <lethal@linux-sh.org> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <akpm@osdl.org> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@osdl.org>