path: root/arch/s390/appldata/appldata_base.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-10-12[S390] appldata_base: Remove module_exit function and modular stuffSatyam Sharma
2007-10-12[S390] appldata_base: Misc cpuinit annotations and bugfixSatyam Sharma
2007-07-27[S390] Convert to smp_call_function_single.Heiko Carstens
2007-06-19[S390] Fix yet another two section mismatches.Heiko Carstens
2007-05-09Add suspend-related notifications for CPU hotplugRafael J. Wysocki
2007-04-27[S390] Remove debugging junk.Martin Schwidefsky
2007-02-14[PATCH] sysctl: remove insert_at_head from register_sysctlEric W. Biederman
2007-02-14[PATCH] sysctl: s390: remove unnecessary use of insert_at_headEric W. Biederman
2007-02-05[S390] Get rid of a lot of sparse warnings.Heiko Carstens
2006-12-07[PATCH] hotplug CPU: clean up hotcpu_notifier() useIngo Molnar
2006-12-05WorkQueue: Fix up arch-specific work items where possibleDavid Howells
2006-10-27[S390] Initialize interval value to 0.Gerald Schaefer
2006-10-11[S390] irq change improvements.Heiko Carstens
2006-09-29[PATCH] convert s390 page handling macros to functionsHeiko Carstens
2006-09-28[S390] Avoid static struct initializations in appldata.Gerald Schaefer
2006-09-20[S390] cleanup appldata.Gerald Schaefer
2006-08-07[S390] add __cpuinit to appldata_cpu_notifyGerald Schaefer
2006-07-31[PATCH] cpu hotplug: use hotplug version of registration in late initsChandra Seetharaman
2006-06-30Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/bunk/trivialLinus Torvalds
2006-06-30[PATCH] Light weight event countersChristoph Lameter
2006-06-30Remove obsolete #include <linux/config.h>Jörn Engel
2006-06-29[S390] appldata enhancements.Gerald Schaefer
2006-06-29[S390] avenrun export in appdata_base.cGerald Schaefer
2006-06-29[S390] add __cpuinit to appldata cpu hotplug notifier.Gerald Schaefer
2006-06-27[PATCH] cpu hotplug: revert initdata patch submitted for 2.6.17Chandra Seetharaman
2006-04-26[PATCH] Remove __devinitdata from notifier block definitionsChandra Seetharaman
2006-03-24[PATCH] s390: kzalloc() conversion in arch/s390Eric Sesterhenn
2006-01-06[PATCH] s390: cleanup KconfigMartin Schwidefsky
2005-11-08[PATCH] Fix sysctl unregistration oops (CVE-2005-2709)Al Viro
2005-07-29[PATCH] s390: fix inline assembly in appldataGerald Schaefer
2005-06-04[PATCH] s390: deadlock in appldataGerald Schaefer
2005-04-16Linux-2.6.12-rc2v2.6.12-rc2Linus Torvalds