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2010-07-26MIPS: Set io_map_base for several PCI bridges lacking itBen Hutchings
2010-07-26MIPS: Alchemy: Define eth platform devices in the correct orderWolfgang Grandegger
2010-07-26MIPS: BCM63xx: Prevent second enet registration on BCM6338Florian Fainelli
2010-07-26MIPS: Quit using undefined behavior of ADDU in 64-bit atomic operations.David Daney
2010-07-26MIPS: N32: Define getdents64.Ralf Baechle
2010-07-26MIPS: MTX-1: Fix PCI on the MeshCube and related boardsBruno Randolf
2010-07-26MIPS: Make init_vdso a subsys_initcall.David Daney
2010-07-26MIPS: "Fix" useless 'init_vdso successfully' message.David Daney
2010-07-26MIPS: PowerTV: Move register setup to before reading registers.David VomLehn
2010-07-05MIPS: Return after handling coprocessor 2 exceptionJesper Nilsson
2010-07-05MIPS: BCM47xx: Add NVRAM support devicesWaldemar Brodkorb
2010-07-05MIPS: Loongson: Define rtc device on MC146818-equipped systemsArnaud Patard
2010-07-05MIPS: MT: Fix FPU affinity.Ralf Baechle
2010-07-05MIPS: Oprofile: Fixup of loongson2_exit()Wu Zhangjin
2010-07-05MIPS: Alchemy: sleepcode without compile-time cputype dependenciesManuel Lauss
2010-07-05MIPS: Tracing: Cleanup of address space checkingWu Zhangjin
2010-07-05MIPS: Tracing: Cleanup of function graph tracerWu Zhangjin
2010-07-05MIPS: Tracing: Reduce the overhead of dynamic Function TracerWu Zhangjin
2010-07-05MIPS: Tracing: Cleanup of instructions usedWu Zhangjin
2010-07-05MIPS: Tracing: Fix 32-bit support with -mmcount-ra-addressWu Zhangjin
2010-07-05MIPS: Tracing: Fix argument passing of the 32bit support with gcc 4.5Wu Zhangjin
2010-07-05MIPS: Tracing: Cleanup commentsWu Zhangjin
2010-07-05MIPS: Tracing: Cleanup the arguments passing of prepare_ftrace_returnWu Zhangjin
2010-07-05MIPS: Tracing: Merge adjacent #ifdefs with same condition.Wu Zhangjin
2010-07-05MIPS: AR7, BCM63xx: fix gpio_to_irq() return valueYoichi Yuasa
2010-07-05MIPS: Restore signalling NaN behaviour for abs.[sd]Chris Dearman
2010-07-05MIPS: Loongson: CS5536: Fix ISA supportWu Zhangjin
2010-07-05MIPS: Loongson: Add a missing break statement in CS5536 IDE codeWu Zhangjin
2010-07-05MIPS: Loongson: CS5536: Add missing RDMSRs for IDE and USBWu Zhangjin
2010-07-05MIPS: AR7: Fix typo in ar7.hFlorian Fainelli
2010-07-05MIPS: AR7: Use correct UART port typeFlorian Fainelli
2010-06-01Merge branch 'for-35' of git://repo.or.cz/linux-kbuildLinus Torvalds
2010-05-27mips: use use asm-generic/scatterlist.hFUJITA Tomonori
2010-05-21Merge branch 'upstream' of git://ftp.linux-mips.org/pub/scm/upstream-linusLinus Torvalds
2010-05-21MIPS: Use GCC __builtin_prefetch() to implement prefetch().David Daney
2010-05-21MIPS: Octeon: Serial port fixes for OCTEON simulator.David Daney
2010-05-21MIPS: Octeon: Get rid of early serial.David Daney
2010-05-21MIPS: AR7: prevent race between clock initialization and devices registrationFlorian Fainelli
2010-05-21MIPS: AR7: use ar7_has_high_vlynq() to determine watchdog base addressFlorian Fainelli
2010-05-21MIPS: BCM63xx: Avoid namespace clash on GPIO_DIR_{IN,OUT}Florian Fainelli
2010-05-21MIPS: MTX-1: Update defconfigFlorian Fainelli
2010-05-21MIPS: BCM47xx: Update defconfigFlorian Fainelli
2010-05-21MIPS: RB532: Update defconfigFlorian Fainelli
2010-05-21MIPS: AR7: Update defconfigFlorian Fainelli
2010-05-21MIPS: Oprofile: Loongson: Cleanup the commentsWu Zhangjin
2010-05-21MIPS: Oprofile: Loongson: Cleanup of the macrosWu Zhangjin
2010-05-21MIPS: Oprofile: Loongson: Remove unused variable from loongson2_cpu_setup()Wu Zhangjin
2010-05-21MIPS: Oprofile: Loongson: Remove useless parenthesesWu Zhangjin
2010-05-21MIPS: Oprofile: Loongson: Unify macro for setting eventsWu Zhangjin
2010-05-21MIPS: nofpu and nodsp only affect CPU0Kevin Cernekee