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2010-07-26MIPS: Set io_map_base for several PCI bridges lacking itBen Hutchings
2010-04-30MIPS: SB1250: Include correct header and fix a warningSebastian Andrzej Siewior
2010-04-12MIPS: Lemote 2F: Ensure atomic execution of _rdmsr and _wrmsrWu Zhangjin
2010-03-30include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to prepare for breaking imp...Tejun Heo
2010-02-27MIPS: Cobalt: convert legacy port addresses to GT-64111 bus addressesBjorn Helgaas
2010-02-27MIPS: Make various locks static.Ralf Baechle
2010-02-27MIPS: Nuke trailing blank linesRalf Baechle
2010-02-27MIPS: Cleanup switches with cases that can be mergedRoel Kluin
2010-02-27MIPS: Loongson: Change the Email address of Wu ZhangjinWu Zhangjin
2010-02-27MIPS: Loongson: Lemote-2F: USB: Not Emulate Non-Posted WritesWu Zhangjin
2010-02-22resource/PCI: mark struct resource as constDominik Brodowski
2010-02-22resource/PCI: align functions now return start of resourceDominik Brodowski
2009-12-17MIPS: eXcite: Remove platform.Ralf Baechle
2009-12-17MIPS: Lemote 2F: Add PCI supportWu Zhangjin
2009-12-17MIPS: Bonito64: Make Loongson independent from Bonito64 code.Wu Zhangjin
2009-09-30MIPS: MSP71xx: request_irq() failure ignored in msp_pcibios_config_access()Roel Kluin
2009-09-17MIPS: BCM63xx: Add support for the Broadcom BCM63xx family of SOCs.Maxime Bizon
2009-09-17MIPS: Remove useless zero initializations.Ralf Baechle
2009-09-17MIPS: Loongson: Change naming methodsWu Zhangjin
2009-09-17MIPS: Loongson: clean up the coding styleWu Zhangjin
2009-08-03MIPS: Octeon PCIe: Make hardware and software bus numbers match.David Daney
2009-08-03MIPS: Eleminate filenames from commentsRalf Baechle
2009-07-03MIPS: Reorganize Cavium OCTEON PCI support.David Daney
2009-07-03Update Yoichi Yuasa's e-mail addressYoichi Yuasa
2009-06-24MIPS: Build fix - include <linux/smp.h> into all smp_processor_id() users.Ralf Baechle
2009-01-30MIPS: RC32434: Define io_map_base for PCI controllerPhil Sutter
2009-01-07PCI: mips: use generic INTx swizzle from PCI coreBjorn Helgaas
2009-01-07PCI: mips: use generic pci_swizzle_interrupt_pin()Bjorn Helgaas
2008-12-09MIPS: Better than nothing implementation of PCI mmap to fix X.Ralf Baechle
2008-10-27MIPS: EMMA: Move <asm/emma2rh> to <asm/emma> dirShinya Kuribayashi
2008-10-27MIPS: EMMA: Kconfig reorganizationShinya Kuribayashi
2008-10-27MIPS: RB532: Fix build errorAdrian Bunk
2008-10-15MIPS: Kill unused <asm/debug.h> inclusionsShinya Kuribayashi
2008-10-15MIPS: PCI: Scan busses when they are registeredAurelien Jarno
2008-10-11MIPS: TXx9: Add TX4939 SoC supportAtsushi Nemoto
2008-10-11MIPS: TXx9: Add __init tag for tx4938_pcic1_map_irq.Atsushi Nemoto
2008-09-27[MIPS] BCM47xx: Fix build error due to missing PCI functionsAurelien Jarno
2008-09-27[MIPS] IP27: Switch to dynamic interrupt routing avoding panic on error.Ralf Baechle
2008-08-26[MIPS] IP27: Export symbol pcibus_to_node to modules.Ralf Baechle
2008-07-30[MIPS] TXx9: PCI error handlingAtsushi Nemoto
2008-07-30[MIPS] TXx9: Add some pci optionsAtsushi Nemoto
2008-07-30[MIPS] Introduce pcibios_plat_setupAtsushi Nemoto
2008-07-30[MIPS] TXx9: PCI fixes for tx3927/tx4927Atsushi Nemoto
2008-07-20[MIPS] Routerboard 532: Support for base systemRalf Baechle
2008-07-20[MIPS] PCI: Make the pcibios_max_latency variable staticDmitri Vorobiev
2008-07-15[MIPS] Remove mips_machtype for LASAT machinesThomas Bogendoerfer
2008-07-15[MIPS] cmbvr4133: Remove supportYoichi Yuasa
2008-07-15[MIPS] TXx9: Make single kernel can support multiple boardsAtsushi Nemoto
2008-07-15[MIPS] TXx9: Reorganize PCI codeAtsushi Nemoto
2008-07-15[MIPS] TXx9: Reorganize codeAtsushi Nemoto