path: root/arch/blackfin/mach-common/cplbmgr.S
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-01-11[Blackfin] arch: move all code related to CPLB handling into a new subdirecto...Bernd Schmidt
2008-01-27[Blackfin] arch: fix bug - trap_tests fails to recover on some tests.Robin Getz
2008-01-27[Blackfin] arch: Add a note describing what is going on - no functional changesRobin Getz
2007-11-15Blackfin arch: fix bug cplbmgr.S does not exit properly on error conditionRobin Getz
2007-10-10Blackfin arch: to do some consolidation of common code and common name spacesRobin Getz
2007-07-25Blackfin arch: use HI/LO macros rather than masking the bit ranges ourselvesMike Frysinger
2007-07-25Blackfin arch: revise anomaly handling by basing things on the compiler not t...Mike Frysinger
2007-06-11Blackfin arch: add proper ENDPROC()Mike Frysinger
2007-05-07blackfin architectureBryan Wu