path: root/arch/arm/mach-ux500/prcmu-fw.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-09-02MCDE: V-sync on main and sub display using DSI BTADan Johansson
2010-09-02MCDE: Supports new HDMI featuresJimmy Rubin
2010-09-02u8500-prcmu: Enable mod_sw_reset_req as a wakeup eventKumar Sanghvi
2010-09-02u8500-prcmu: Process AckMb7 IRQ first before any other IRQKumar Sanghvi
2010-09-02u8500-prcmu: Fix coverity error prcmu codeKumar Sanghvi
2010-09-02u8500-prcmu: Avoid setting PRCM_HOSTACCESS_REQ if already setKumar Sanghvi
2010-09-02ux500-cleanup: fix copyrights/authors for power management filesSundar R Iyer
2010-09-02ux500-pm: "ApDeepSleep" low power state supportSundar R Iyer
2010-09-02ux500-pm : fix minor ApSleep transition codeSundar R Iyer
2010-09-02Added include slab.h in several driversJonas Aaberg
2010-09-02PRCMU: Move mod_sw_reset_req handling from AckMb7 to AckMb0Kumar Sanghvi
2010-09-02PRCMU: Adding support for autonomous power managementKumar Sanghvi
2010-09-02PRCMU: Correcting misplaced write with a read in i2c_read functionKumar Sanghvi
2010-09-02PRCMU, Ab8500: Adding support for V1.1 For V1.1, all ab8500 read/write are vi...Kumar Sanghvi
2010-09-02Correct company name in copyrightsRabin Vincent
2010-09-02u8500-prcm : enable CA_Wake request as a wakeup eventSundar R Iyer
2010-09-02PRCMU, SHRM: Hooking modem reset request from PRCMU with SHRMKumar Sanghvi
2010-09-02PRCMU: Fixing lock-ups resulting due to misplaced spin_unlock(s)Kumar Sanghvi
2010-09-02PRCMU: Updating logic of configuring wakeup events to align withKumar Sanghvi
2010-09-02u8500-pm : remove depecated ED addressesSundar R Iyer
2010-09-02PRCMU: Fixing Kernel doc error related to a parameterKumar Sanghvi
2010-09-02PRCMU: Fixing kernel docs errorsKumar Sanghvi
2010-09-02PRCMU: Protecting mailbox writes with spinlocksKumar Sanghvi
2010-09-02PRCMU: Updating ping-pong and wakeup events logic Updating ping-pong mailbox ...Kumar Sanghvi
2010-09-02PRCMU: Correcting the IRQ handling logicKumar Sanghvi
2010-09-02coverity fixes 18th marchvirupaxs
2010-09-02ux500: move mach-u8500 to mach-ux500Mian Yousaf Kaukab