path: root/arch/arm/mach-ux500/clock.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-09-02Removed executable from few headers, solving rpmlint warningsRobert Rosengren
2010-09-02MMC: Hats DV14 not aligned with the HSI external mass storagehanumath
2010-09-02mach-ux500: backport clock rate callbacks and MTU frequency fixLinus Walleij
2010-09-02fix kernel warningsVirupax Sadashivpetimath
2010-09-02clock.c and clock.h : Included clk_get_parent and clk_set_parent functions.dushyanth.sr
2010-09-02Clock.c and Clock.h : Modification to update function. Clock tree updation al...dushyanth.sr
2010-09-02Clock.c and Clock.h : Modification to have clock tree update function. Functi...dushyanth.sr
2010-09-02Correct company name in copyrightsRabin Vincent
2010-09-02u8500-clock: pullback changes from mainlineRabin Vincent
2010-09-02ux500: move mach-u8500 to mach-ux500Mian Yousaf Kaukab