path: root/arch/arm/mach-ux500/board-mop500.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-09-02Add hardware memory driver to kerneljoakim
2010-09-02HDMI and AV8100: new featuresPer Persson
2010-09-02bu21013:fix for sim8500 build errorsNaveen Kumar Gaddipati
2010-09-02bu21013:fix for sim8500 build errorsNaveen Kumar Gaddipati
2010-09-02ux500-pm: enable the on-board keypad wakeup for sleep/deepsleep statesSundar R Iyer
2010-09-02Vibrator: Force feedback vibrator driverMarcin Mielczarczyk
2010-09-02ske_driver: support for internal keypadNaveen Kumar Gaddipati
2010-09-02MCDE: Supports new HDMI featuresJimmy Rubin
2010-09-02u8500: support MACH_TYPE_U8500Rabin Vincent
2010-09-02ab3550 platform configuration for ux500Mattias Wallin
2010-09-02fix WARN_ON() in gpio_lib.c for v2.6.34 request gpios before using them.Mian Yousaf Kaukab
2010-09-02Add support for TC35893 Keypad ControllerJayeeta Banerjee
2010-09-02bu21013: Driver for new dual touch controllers supportNaveen Kumar Gaddipati
2010-09-02leds-ab8500: support backlight feature for secondary lcdArun Murthy
2010-09-02MCDE: enable configurable voltages through platformJimmy Rubin
2010-09-02MCDE: Adding new MCDE display, AB8500 Denc and AV8100 driverJimmy Rubin
2010-09-02WP:239161 driver for backlight pwm control addedArun Murthy
2010-09-02mop500: configure I2C pins staticallyRabin Vincent
2010-09-02ER:260350 CorePl: Battery type is not detected.Arun Murthy
2010-09-02ux500-regulators : Move all platform regulators into a new fileSundar R Iyer
2010-09-02add gpio_request call before using gpios in touch-panel board initMian Yousaf Kaukab
2010-09-02mach-ux500: Added #ifdef around pmem stuffJonas Aaberg
2010-09-02HCL driver implementation (hash).Joakim Bech
2010-09-02Updated version of one pin sensor driver.Jonas Aaberg
2010-09-02lsm303dlh driver updated. Signed-off-by: Mian Yousaf Kaukab <mian.yousaf.kauk...Mian Yousaf Kaukab
2010-09-02Revert "One pin Sensor driver added. Support for proximity sensor (Osram SFH7...Love Mansson
2010-09-02Add lsm303dlh configuration and build supportMian Yousaf Kaukab
2010-09-02Add lsm303dlh support for ux500Mian Yousaf Kaukab
2010-09-02Added support for Rohm bh1780gli ambient light sensorMartin Persson
2010-09-02Updated GPIO setup for i2c_2Martin Persson
2010-09-02Add lp5521 device infoMartin Persson
2010-09-02One pin Sensor driver added. Support for proximity sensor (Osram SFH7741) and...Jonas Aaberg
2010-09-02Platform specific changes for Dual touch supportNaveen Kumar Gaddipati
2010-09-02Set ChVolLevel to 4.2v as the battery can be charged upto 4.2v.Arun Murthy
2010-09-02Keypad: Fix for FIDO 251663. Alternative keymap provided, can be selected fro...Jayeeta Banerjee
2010-09-02mop500: enable pullups for UART Rx lines (ER #257146)Rabin Vincent
2010-09-02Correct company name in copyrightsRabin Vincent
2010-09-02modification in device.c clock.c and mop_board.c for i2c driverNAMIT JAIN
2010-09-02Removal of warnings for TouchscreenNaveen Kumar Gaddipati
2010-09-02mop500: fix i2c2 GPIO numbers (VI 24978)Rabin Vincent
2010-09-02Added USB charging Maintenance chargingArun Murthy
2010-09-02ux500-gpio: replace GPIO_ALTF_* macros with NMK_GPIO_*Rabin Vincent
2010-09-02ux500: switch to nomadik-gpioRabin Vincent
2010-09-02u8500-gpio: don't hardcode gpio baseRabin Vincent
2010-09-02ux500: move common cpu code to cpu.cRabin Vincent
2010-09-02ux500: move mop500_devices.c to board-mop500.cRabin Vincent
2010-09-02mach-ux500: renamed mainline version to ux500-mainlineJonas Aaberg
2010-02-04ARM: 5913/1: ARM U8500: add I2C platform configurationsSrinidhi Kasagar
2010-02-04ARM: 5915/1: Add RTC PL031 derivative platform config for ux500Linus Walleij
2009-11-28ARM: 5831/1: ARM: U8500 core machine supportSrinidhi Kasagar