path: root/arch/arm/mach-sa1100/h3600.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-12-06ARM: 5827/1: SA1100: h3100/h3600: emit messages on failed gpio_requestDmitry Artamonow
2009-12-06ARM: 5822/1: SA1100: h3100/h3600: clean up #includesDmitry Artamonow
2009-12-06ARM: 5821/1: SA1100: h3100/h3600: revise copyright boilerplatesDmitry Artamonow
2009-12-06ARM: 5820/1: SA1100: h3100/h3600: split h3600.cDmitry Artamonow
2009-12-06ARM: 5819/1: SA1100: h3100/h3600: merge h3600.h and h3600_gpio.h into h3xxx.hDmitry Artamonow
2009-12-06ARM: 5817/1: SA1100: h3100/h3600: configure all unused gpios as inputsDmitry Artamonow
2009-12-06ARM: 5815/1: SA1100: h3100/h3600: remove now unused assign_h3600_egpio handlersDmitry Artamonow
2009-12-06ARM: 5814/1: SA1100: h3100/h3600: convert all users of assign_h3600_egpio to ...Dmitry Artamonow
2009-12-06ARM: 5813/1: SA1100: h3100/h3600: add htc-egpio driverDmitry Artamonow
2009-12-06ARM: 5812/1: SA1100: h3100/h3600: separate machine-specific LCD helpersDmitry Artamonow
2009-12-06ARM: 5799/1: SA1100: h3600: stop setting direction for LCD pinsDmitry Artamonow
2009-12-06ARM: 5796/1: SA1100: h3600: remove IRDA bits from serial PM callbackDmitry Artamonow
2009-12-06ARM: 5795/1: SA1100: h3100/h3600: mark *_mach_init functions as __initDmitry Artamonow
2009-12-06ARM: iPAQ: no need to set PWER_RTCRussell King
2009-12-06ARM: iPAQ: move serial port support functionsRussell King
2009-12-06ARM: iPAQ: convert H3100 IrDA to use generic gpio supportRussell King
2009-12-06ARM: iPAQ: provide a way to setup platform-controlled GPIOsRussell King
2009-12-06ARM: iPAQ: separate IrDA machine specificsRussell King
2009-12-06ARM: h3600: provide each iPAQ machine type with own init functionRussell King
2009-12-06ARM: sa11x0: convert set_xxx_data() to register_xxx()Russell King
2009-03-15[ARM] 5427/1: h3600: ipaq_model_ops final cleanupDmitry Artamonow
2009-03-15[ARM] 5426/1: h3600: remove clr_h3600_egpio/set_h3600_egpio helpersDmitry Artamonow
2009-03-15[ARM] 5425/1: h3600: first stage of ipaq_model_ops cleanupDmitry Artamonow
2009-03-15[ARM] 5424/1: h3600: clean up mtd partitions tableDmitry Artamonow
2009-02-21[ARM] 5407/1: SA1100: drop broken for ages iPAQ h3800 supportDmitry Artamonow
2008-08-07[ARM] Move include/asm-arm/arch-* to arch/arm/*/include/machRussell King
2008-08-07[ARM] Remove asm/hardware.h, use asm/arch/hardware.h insteadRussell King
2008-07-27[ARM] 5179/1: Replace obsolete IRQT_* and __IRQT_* values with IRQ_TYPE_*Dmitry Baryshkov
2008-03-06[ARM] replace remaining __FUNCTION__ occurrencesHarvey Harrison
2007-05-08Add IRQF_IRQPOLL flag on armBernhard Walle
2006-11-30[ARM] Remove compatibility layer for ARM irqsRussell King
2006-10-06Initial blind fixup for arm for irq changesLinus Torvalds
2006-07-02[PATCH] ARM: fixup irqflags breakage after ARM genirq mergeThomas Gleixner
2006-07-01[ARM] 3698/1: ARM: Convert sa1100 to generic irq handlingThomas Gleixner
2006-06-30Remove obsolete #include <linux/config.h>Jörn Engel
2006-01-13[ARM] 3260/1: remove phys_ram from struct machine_desc (part 2)Nicolas Pitre
2005-10-28[ARM] 2992/1: Replace map_desc.physical with map_desc.pfn: SA1100Deepak Saxena
2005-07-03[PATCH] ARM: Remove machine description macrosRussell King
2005-06-26[PATCH] ARM: Add SA_TIMER flag to timer interruptsRussell King
2005-04-17[PATCH] ARM: h3600_irda_set_speed argumentsRussell King
2005-04-16Linux-2.6.12-rc2v2.6.12-rc2Linus Torvalds