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@@ -14,6 +14,30 @@ config WLAN_PRE80211
This option does not affect the kernel build, it only
lets you choose drivers.
+config STRIP
+ tristate "STRIP (Metricom starmode radio IP)"
+ depends on INET && WLAN_PRE80211
+ ---help---
+ Say Y if you have a Metricom radio and intend to use Starmode Radio
+ IP. STRIP is a radio protocol developed for the MosquitoNet project
+ (on the WWW at <http://mosquitonet.stanford.edu/>) to send Internet
+ traffic using Metricom radios. Metricom radios are small, battery
+ powered, 100kbit/sec packet radio transceivers, about the size and
+ weight of a cellular telephone. (You may also have heard them called
+ "Metricom modems" but we avoid the term "modem" because it misleads
+ many people into thinking that you can plug a Metricom modem into a
+ phone line and use it as a modem.)
+ You can use STRIP on any Linux machine with a serial port, although
+ it is obviously most useful for people with laptop computers. If you
+ think you might get a Metricom radio in the future, there is no harm
+ in saying Y to STRIP now, except that it makes the kernel a bit
+ bigger.
+ To compile this as a module, choose M here: the module will be
+ called strip.
config ARLAN
tristate "Aironet Arlan 655 & IC2200 DS support"
depends on ISA && !64BIT && WLAN_PRE80211