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# Block layer core configuration
+config BLOCK
+ bool "Enable the block layer"
+ default y
+ help
+ This permits the block layer to be removed from the kernel if it's not
+ needed (on some embedded devices for example). If this option is
+ disabled, then blockdev files will become unusable and some
+ filesystems (such as ext3) will become unavailable.
+ This option will also disable SCSI character devices and USB storage
+ since they make use of various block layer definitions and
+ facilities.
+ Say Y here unless you know you really don't want to mount disks and
+ suchlike.
#XXX - it makes sense to enable this only for 32-bit subarch's, not for x86_64
#for instance.
config LBD
@@ -33,4 +51,6 @@ config LSF
If unsure, say Y.
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