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js= [HW,JOY] Analog joystick
See Documentation/input/joystick.txt.
+ kernelcore=nn[KMG] [KNL,IA-32,IA-64,PPC,X86-64] This parameter
+ specifies the amount of memory usable by the kernel
+ for non-movable allocations. The requested amount is
+ spread evenly throughout all nodes in the system. The
+ remaining memory in each node is used for Movable
+ pages. In the event, a node is too small to have both
+ kernelcore and Movable pages, kernelcore pages will
+ take priority and other nodes will have a larger number
+ of kernelcore pages. The Movable zone is used for the
+ allocation of pages that may be reclaimed or moved
+ by the page migration subsystem. This means that
+ HugeTLB pages may not be allocated from this zone.
+ Note that allocations like PTEs-from-HighMem still
+ use the HighMem zone if it exists, and the Normal
+ zone if it does not.
keepinitrd [HW,ARM]
kstack=N [IA-32,X86-64] Print N words from the kernel stack