BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
backup/lt-3.2-imx6SAUCE: fix hdmi registration failureEric Miao10 years
backup/lt-3.2-imx6-2Merge branch 'topic/lt-3.2-imx6-audio' into lt-3.2-imx6Eric Miao9 years
er3ENGR00162885 mx6q: sabrelite: add flexcan supportDong Aisheng10 years
er3-previewENGR00161487: Fix SD/USB/FEC performance issue.Ranjani Vaidyanathan10 years
er4ENGR00171890 [MX6Q_ARD]fix the boot fail when otg power is not initializedAnson Huang9 years
for-jasonchenimx6q: add cpu suspend/resume supportJason Chen10 years
lt-3.1LINARO: lt-mx5_defconfig: make GPU driver built-inEric Miao10 years
lt-3.1-androidimx5_android_defconfig: disable a.out temporarily and enable TEST_POWEREric Miao10 years
lt-3.1-ubuntuLINARO: linux-linaro-lt-mx5-3.1.0-1002.13Eric Miao10 years
lt-3.2SAUCE: fix building error of mxc_v4l2_output.cEric Miao10 years
lt-3.2-imx5SAUCE: fix the missing header of <linux/module.h>Eric Miao10 years
lt-3.2-imx6imx6q: add device tree support for anatop regulatorEric Miao9 years
lt-3.2-imx6-ubuntuLINARO: linux-linaro-lt-mx6-3.2.0-1000.12Eric Miao9 years
lt-3.2-ubuntuLINARO: linux-linaro-lt-fsl-3.2.0-1000.0Eric Miao10 years
masterLinux 3.2-rc7Linus Torvalds10 years
test/lt-3.2SAUCE: mxc_spdif: spdif gets clock from spdif streamAlan Tull10 years
tmpBASE: imx6q: add cpu_is_mx6q supportJason Chen9 years
topic/lt-3.2-imx6-audioENGR00161608 SSI: support 24bit samplerateGary Zhang9 years
topic/lt-3.2-imx6-baseARM: imx6: fix v7_invalidate_l1 by adding I-Cache invalidationShawn Guo9 years
topic/lt-3.2-imx6-cpufreqarm/imx6q: select ARCH_HAS_CPUFREQRichard Zhao9 years
topic/lt-3.2-imx6-displayimx: ipu3: add hwtyp supportJason Chen9 years
topic/lt-3.2-imx6-gpugpu-viv: convert to device tree and fix build errorsRichard Zhao9 years
topic/lt-3.2-imx6-miscimx6q: fix I/O mapping address/size of mxs_viim.cEric Miao9 years
topic/lt-3.2-imx6-pmARM: 7198/1: arm/imx6: add restart support for imx6qShawn Guo9 years
topic/lt-3.2-imx6-regulatorregulator/fixed: set apply_uV 0Richard Zhao9 years
topic/lt-3.2-imx6-sataARM: ahci: enable ahci sata on imx6qRichard Zhu9 years
topic/lt-3.2-imx6-sdhcmmc: sdhci-esdhc-imx: support of 1.8V is board specificEric Miao9 years
topic/lt-3.2-imx6-uglyMerge branch 'lt-3.2-imx5' into topic/lt-3.2-imx6-uglyEric Miao9 years