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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-09-09ALSA: remove stale filesTakashi Iwai
2008-08-29ALSA: remove obsolete *_FIRMARE_IN_KERNEL in isa/KconfigTakashi Iwai
2008-08-25ALSA: wss_lib: do not mess mixer settings during probeKrzysztof Helt
2008-08-25ALSA: snd-ad1816a: add different TerraTec EWS64 S modelRene Herman
2008-08-25ALSA: opl3sa2: replace nd_opl3sa2_info_xxx() with snd_wss_info_xxx()Krzysztof Helt
2008-08-25ALSA: wss_lib: snd_wss_calibrate_mute improvementKrzysztof Helt
2008-08-25ALSA: opl3sa2: drop snd_card pointer from the snd_opl3sa2 structureKrzysztof Helt
2008-08-13ALSA: Kill snd_assert() in sound/isa/*Takashi Iwai
2008-08-13ALSA: wss_lib: missing closing brace in (ifdeffed out) debug function.Rene Herman
2008-08-06ALSA: wss_lib: rework snd_ad1848_probe()Rene Herman
2008-08-06ALSA: wss_lib: fix AZT2320 probe.Rene Herman
2008-08-06ALSA: snd-cs4236: add Techmakers MF-4236PW PnP card IDRene Herman
2008-08-06ALSA: wss_lib: remove second mutexes initializationKrzysztof Helt
2008-08-06ALSA: wss_lib: opti92x-ad1848 WSS_HW_DETECT fixRene Herman
2008-08-06ALSA: wss_lib: fix opti93x capture formats limitationsKrzysztof Helt
2008-08-06ALSA: wss_lib: use wss detection code instead of ad1848 oneKrzysztof Helt
2008-08-06ALSA: wss_lib: use wss pcm code instead of ad1848 oneKrzysztof Helt
2008-08-06ALSA: wss_lib: use wss mixer code instead of ad1848 oneKrzysztof Helt
2008-08-06ALSA: wss_lib: use CS4231P instead of AD1848P (kill the AD1848P)Krzysztof Helt
2008-08-06ALSA: wss_lib: replace ad1848 mixer element macros with wss onesKrzysztof Helt
2008-08-06ALSA: wss_lib: use wss constants instead of ad1848 onesKrzysztof Helt
2008-08-06ALSA: wss_lib: use struct snd_wss instead of snd_ad1848Krzysztof Helt
2008-08-06ALSA: wss_lib: rename cs4321_foo to wss_fooKrzysztof Helt
2008-08-06ALSA: wss_lib: rename cs4231.h into wss.hKrzysztof Helt
2008-08-06ALSA: wss_lib: move cs4231_lib into wss_libKrzysztof Helt
2008-07-27ALSA: cs4232: fix crash during chip PNP detectionKrzysztof Helt
2008-07-18ALSA: opti9xx: no isapnp param for !CONFIG_PNPRene Herman
2008-07-18ALSA: opti93x - Fix NULL dereferenceTakashi Iwai
2008-07-14Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.gitDavid Woodhouse
2008-07-14firmware: convert sb16_csp driver to use firmware loader exclusivelyJaswinder Singh
2008-07-10ALSA: wavefront - add constTakashi Iwai
2008-06-23ALSA: sb - Fix wrong assertionsTakashi Iwai
2008-06-13ALSA: opti93x: use cs4231 libKrzysztof Helt
2008-06-13ALSA: opti93x: add support for Opti93x codec in cs4231-libKrzysztof Helt
2008-06-13[ALSA] opti93x: fix sound ouput for Opti930Krzysztof Helt
2008-06-06[ALSA] remove SND_GUS_SYNTHAdrian Bunk
2008-05-30[ALSA] trivial clean up of sound/isa/sb/MakefileTakashi Iwai
2008-05-27sound: Convert to menuconfigTakashi Iwai
2008-04-24[ALSA] sound: replace remaining __FUNCTION__ occurencesHarvey Harrison
2008-02-29[ALSA] sb8: fix SB 1.0 capture DMA programmingClemens Ladisch
2008-01-31[ALSA] fix opti9xx/miro section mismatchRandy Dunlap
2008-01-31[ALSA] cs4231: remove one busy waitKrzysztof Helt
2008-01-31[ALSA] Remove sound/driver.hTakashi Iwai
2008-01-31[ALSA] es18xx: Enable wavetable input from ESS chipsKrzysztof Helt
2008-01-31[ALSA] sound/: Spelling fixesJoe Perches
2008-01-31[ALSA] sb16 - Suppress compile warningTakashi Iwai
2008-01-31[ALSA] sound/isa: kill pnp_resource_changeRene Herman
2008-01-31[ALSA] sound/isa: Add missing 'space'Joe Perches
2008-01-31[ALSA] Check value range in ctl callbacksTakashi Iwai
2008-01-31[ALSA] Remove sequencer instrument layerTakashi Iwai