path: root/drivers/media/video/mxc/output/mxc_v4l2_output.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-01-25ENGR00120370 v4l2 output: fix display fail for blank fb during video playrel_imx_2.6.31_10.02.00Jason Chen
2010-01-20ENGR00119976 v4l2 output: use mannual buffer select for display channelJason Chen
2010-01-08ENGR00119710 MXC V4L2 output:Support YUYV and UYVY input pixel formatLiu Ying
2009-12-25ENGR00119578 v4l2 output: fix fb setting for display 5Jason Chen
2009-12-11ENGR00119004 v4l2 output: fix kernel dumpJason Chen
2009-12-01ENGR00118832 TVout: error color displaysmark gutman
2009-11-25 ENGR00116028 CROP for TVE 720Pmark gutman
2009-11-19 ENGR00118401 CROP for TVE PAL/NTSCmark gutman
2009-11-02ENGR00117835-1 V4L2 output:Update MXC V4L2 output for 2.6.31 kernelLiu Ying
2009-10-26ENGR00115576 ipuv3: support for 720P upsizingMark Gutman
2009-10-26ENGR00116661 V4L2 output: Support input cropping when no resizing is neededLiu Ying
2009-10-26ENGR00117389 Port 5.0.0 release to 2.6.31Rob Herring