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2011-10-22imx5_android_defconfig: disable a.out temporarily and enable TEST_POWERandroid-release-2011-10-1lt-3.1-androidEric Miao
2011-10-22imx5_android_defconfig: initial default android kernel configsEric Miao
2011-10-22Merge branch 'linaro-android-3.1-fport' of git://git.linaro.org/people/jstult...Eric Miao
2011-10-21add dummy cpu_is_mx6q support.Jason Chen
2011-10-21ENGR00156673-2 ipuv3: move mach related definition to mach dirJason Chen
2011-10-21ipu3: Backport to freescale commitJason Chen
2011-10-18SAUCE: ENGR00139461-1 mxc alsa soc spdif driverAlan Tull
2011-10-18SAUCE: mx53loco: fix audio capture using SSI SYN modeLionel Xu
2011-10-14ENGR00141732 SDMA: Fix bootup stop at sdma firmware loadingZeng Zhaoming
2011-10-14SAUCE: support building of imx51 and imx53 in a single zImageEric Miao
2011-10-14mx53_loco: add sgtl5000 audio supportEric Miao
2011-10-14mx5: fixed incorrect sdma clock device nameEric Miao
2011-10-14ASoC: sgtl5000: rename dac_mux to hp_muxEric Miao
2011-10-14mx53_loco: enabled USB Host1Haitao Zhang
2011-10-14usb: add gadget support for the USB device controllerEric Miao
2011-10-14usb: add ehci host driverEric Miao
2011-10-14usb: add usb_common.c for common codeEric Miao
2011-10-14imx: add support for board revision and imx_cpu_ver()Eric Miao
2011-10-14mx53_loco: add amd_gpu deviceRichard Zhao
2011-10-14amd-gpu: add driver codeRichard Zhao
2011-10-14mx53_loco: add vpu deviceJason Chen
2011-10-14vpu: add driver for mxc vpuJason Chen
2011-10-14mx53_loco: add v4l2 output supportJason Chen
2011-10-14ARM: mx53/loco: add pwm backlight deviceJason Chen
2011-10-14mx53: add pwm devices supportJason Chen
2011-10-14mx53_loco: add display supportJason Chen
2011-10-14ipuv3: add driver for LDB - LVDS Display BridgeJason Chen
2011-10-14ipuv3: add tve.c driver for TVOUT and VGA outputJason Chen
2011-10-14ipuv3: add base driver for ipuv3Jason Chen
2011-10-14mx5: set CONSISTENT_DMA_SIZE to 128M for mx5Jason Chen
2011-10-14mx5: change FORCE_MAX_ZONEORDER to 14 for ARCH_MX5Jason Chen
2011-10-14pmic: fix Shutdown issueYing-Chun Liu (PaulLiu)
2011-10-14PMIC: Add DA9053 Driver for LOCO boardpaulliu
2011-10-14mx53_smd: Enable the AHCI SATA on MX53 SMD boardRichard Zhu
2011-10-14mx53_loco: Enable the AHCI SATA on MX53 LOCO boardRichard Zhu
2011-10-14mx53_ard: Enable the AHCI SATA on MX53 ARD boardRichard Zhu
2011-10-14mx53: AHCI Add the AHCI SATA feature on the MX53 platformsRichard Zhu
2011-10-14mx53_loco: add support for IIMEric Miao
2011-10-14iim: add IIM driver supportEric Miao
2011-10-14mx53_loco: add support for mma8450Eric Miao
2011-10-14imx: add watchdog clocks for imx2-wdt.cEric Miao
2011-10-14mx5: rename MX51_MXC_INT_* to MX51_INT_* to be more consistentEric Miao
2011-10-14mx5: add GPC and PGC registers definitions for IPU/VPU/GPUEric Miao
2011-10-14mx53_loco: add srtc deviceRichard Zhao
2011-10-14mx53_loco: add power key as wake up sourceRichard Zhao
2011-10-14mx5: work around for suspend/resumeRichard Zhao
2011-10-14mx5: add suspend/resume supportRichard Zhao
2011-10-14imx: timer: change parent to ipg_perRichard Zhao
2011-10-14mx5: clk: rename gpc_dvfs_clk to gpc_dvfs according upstreamRichard Zhao
2011-10-14mx5: clk: update fec lookup name according to upstream codeRichard Zhao