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2011-12-01ENGR00162885 mx6q: sabrelite: add flexcan supporter3Dong Aisheng
2011-12-01ENGR00162478 MX6 Sabre-lite, add ASRC supportMahesh Mahadevan
2011-12-01ENGR00162732 [MX6q] Correct gpu2d clock settingLarry Li
2011-12-01ENGR00162506 mx6q: set a correct clock for asrcDong Aisheng
2011-12-01ENGR00162646 [DVFS]Fix build warningAnson Huang
2011-12-01ENGR00162643 [MX6]Decline SOC LDO voltage to make suspend/resume workAnson Huang
2011-12-01ENGR00162612 [Mx6]Change arm core voltage of suspend for 1G cpufreqAnson Huang
2011-12-01ENGR00162583-1 usb msl: avoid class driver access register after usb is offPeter Chen
2011-12-01ENGR00162319: MX6 - Add support for updated VDDARM voltagesRanjani Vaidyanathan
2011-12-01ENGR00162335-1 [mx6q_arm2]SD card 3.0 can't be recognizedTony Lin
2011-12-01ENGR00162460:MX6-Revert "MX6-Disable PLL1 when CPU clk is below 400MHz."Ranjani Vaidyanathan
2011-12-01ENGR00139276-1 MX6 BT: Add basic bluetooth support to mx6 platformLionel Xu
2011-12-01ENGR00162334 Revert "ENGR00161764 mx6q: disable gc355 temporally"wu guoxing
2011-12-01ENGR00162325 mx6:Make GPU as kernel module defaultlywu guoxing
2011-12-01ENGR00162330 [mx6]Only mask irq#86 and #125 for wait modeAnson Huang
2011-12-01ENGR00162318: MX6: Donot power down PLL when PLL is disabledRanjani Vaidyanathan
2011-12-01ENGR00162114 mx6: OpenVG can not work with latest kernelwu guoxing
2011-12-01ENGR00162093 mx6q: use gpio_set_value_cansleep for sleepable gpiosDong Aisheng
2011-12-01ENGR00162010-1 [MX6]Build in thermal driverAnson Huang
2011-12-01ARM: 6674/1: LPAE: use long long format when printing physical addresses and ...Will Deacon
2011-12-01ENGR00143921-3 - PLAT-MXC - Update IOMUX settings for EPDCDanny Nold
2011-12-01ENGR00143921-2 - MACH-MX5 - Add EPDC/MAX17135 V3P3 regulatorDanny Nold
2011-12-01ENGR00162048 Align the MX6 Sabrelite set_cpu_voltage() with ARM2Mahesh Mahadevan
2011-12-01ENGR00160525 MX6: fix mmu.c and cryptodev warningFrank Li
2011-12-01ENGR00161617-1 [MX6] : Fix the build warning.Fugang Duan
2011-12-01ENGR00159982-1 [MX6] : Fix FEC get clock rate function.Fugang Duan
2011-12-01ENGR00161926 Change the PAD settings on SD3 Write ProtectMahesh Mahadevan
2011-12-01ENGR00161848 mx5x: usb: fix build errorPeter Chen
2011-12-01ENGR00161518 [MX6] USB: Add USB OC(Over Current) codemake shi
2011-12-01ENGR00161617 - [MX6] : FEC get MAC address from OCOTP.Fugang Duan
2011-12-01ENGR00161766 [MX6] change ov5640_mipi to a moduleEven Xu
2011-12-01ENGR00161761 - [MX6] : workaround for IEEE 1588.Fugang Duan
2011-12-01ENGR00161764 mx6q: disable gc355 temporallyRichard Zhao
2011-12-01ENGR00161755 MX6Q/MFGTOOL : disable GPU for MFGTOOLHuang Shijie
2011-12-01ENGR00161524 mx6q: fix pin conflicts between spdif and flexcanDong Aisheng
2011-12-01ENGR00161643-2 MX6Q-lite : enlarge the mtd partition of NORHuang Shijie
2011-12-01ENGR00161643-1 MX6Q-lite : add SPI-NOR support to MFGTOOLHuang Shijie
2011-12-01ENGR00161598 [MX6]OTG driver: load fail issuemake shi
2011-12-01ENGR00161510 [MX6]Fix build warningAnson Huang
2011-12-01ENGR00161483 Add SPI-NOR support on MX6 Sabre-liteMahesh Mahadevan
2011-12-01ENGR00161487: Fix SD/USB/FEC performance issue.Ranjani Vaidyanathan
2011-12-01ENGR00161484 Add HDMI audio support on MX6 Sabre-liteMahesh Mahadevan
2011-12-01ENGR00161474 [mx6q] Fix build break in imx6_updater_defconfigNancy Chen
2011-12-01ENGR00161447-2 ARM2: fix section missmach warningFrank Li
2011-12-01ENGR00159982 - [MX6Q]: Add FEC phy save power function.Fugang Duan
2011-12-01ENGR00161256 mx6q: remove CAN_DEBUG by default in defconfigDong Aisheng
2011-12-01ENGR00161382-2 MX6Q MIPI CSI2: initialize platform dataEven Xu
2011-12-01ENGR00161382-1 MX6Q MIPI CSI2: Add platform dataEven Xu
2011-12-01ENGR00161383 [MX6Q] USB OTG: enable OTG drivermake shi
2011-12-01ENGR00158360 imx MSL: fix __arch_adjust_zones functionJason Chen