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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-08-22[S390] kprobes: fix instruction length calculationDavid Wilder
2007-08-22[S390] hypfs: inode corruption due to missing lockingMichael Holzheu
2007-08-22[S390] disassembler: fix b2 opcodes like srst, bsg, and othersChristian Borntraeger
2007-08-22[S390] vmur: fix diag14 exceptions with addresses > 2GB.Michael Holzheu
2007-08-10[S390] remove DEFAULT_MIGRATION_COSTHeiko Carstens
2007-08-10[S390] hypfs: implement show_optionsMichael Holzheu
2007-07-29Remove fs.h from mm.hAlexey Dobriyan
2007-07-27[S390] Fix IRQ tracing.Heiko Carstens
2007-07-27[S390] Wire up sys_fallocate.Martin Schwidefsky
2007-07-27[S390] Get rid of new section mismatch warnings.Heiko Carstens
2007-07-27[S390] Improve __smp_call_function_map.Heiko Carstens
2007-07-27[S390] Convert to smp_call_function_single.Heiko Carstens
2007-07-19s390: Put allocated ELF notes in read-only data segmentRoland McGrath
2007-07-19define new percpu interface for shared dataFenghua Yu
2007-07-19mm: fault feedback #2Nick Piggin
2007-07-17Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git390.osdl.marist.edu/pub/scm/linux-2.6Linus Torvalds
2007-07-17PTRACE_POKEDATA consolidationAlexey Dobriyan
2007-07-17PTRACE_PEEKDATA consolidationAlexey Dobriyan
2007-07-17Report that kernel is tainted if there was an OOPSPavel Emelianov
2007-07-17[S390] Simplify stack trace.Heiko Carstens
2007-07-17[S390] z/VM unit record device driverFrank Munzert
2007-07-17[S390] Fix disassembly of RX_URRD, SI_URD & PC-relative instructions.Christian Borntraeger
2007-07-17[S390] Update default configuration.Martin Schwidefsky
2007-07-16generic bug: use show_regs() instead of dump_stack()Heiko Carstens
2007-07-15missing argument in bin_attribute ->read()/->write()Al Viro
2007-07-15pass -msize-long to sparse on s390Al Viro
2007-07-11sysfs: kill unnecessary attribute->ownerTejun Heo
2007-07-10[S390] s390: rename CPU_IDLE to S390_CPU_IDLEHeiko Carstens
2007-07-10[S390] system call optimization.Martin Schwidefsky
2007-07-10[S390] Bogomips calculation for 64 bit.Martin Schwidefsky
2007-07-10[S390] smp: Merge smp_count_cpus() and smp_get_save_areas().Heiko Carstens
2007-07-10[S390] sclp: Test facility list before executing a service call.Heiko Carstens
2007-07-10[S390] sclp: introduce some new interfaces.Heiko Carstens
2007-07-10[S390] Fixed comment typo.Ralph Wuerthner
2007-06-19[S390] Add oops_enter()/oops_exit() calls to die().Heiko Carstens
2007-06-19[S390] Print list of modules on die().Heiko Carstens
2007-06-19[S390] Fix yet another two section mismatches.Heiko Carstens
2007-06-19[S390] Missing blank when appending cio_ignore kernel parameterMichael Holzheu
2007-05-31[S390] Fix section annotations.Heiko Carstens
2007-05-31[S390] arch/s390/kernel/debug.c: use mutex instead of semaphoreChristoph Hellwig
2007-05-31[S390] Add exception handler for diagnose 224Michael Holzheu
2007-05-21Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/sam/kbuild-fixLinus Torvalds
2007-05-21[S390] More verbose show_mem() like other architectures.Heiko Carstens
2007-05-21[S390] Make use of kretprobe_assert.Heiko Carstens
2007-05-21[S390] Wire up signald, timerfd and eventfd syscalls.Heiko Carstens
2007-05-21[S390] Wire up sys_utimensat.Heiko Carstens
2007-05-19all-archs: consolidate .data section definition in asm-genericSam Ravnborg
2007-05-19all-archs: consolidate .text section definition in asm-genericSam Ravnborg
2007-05-11[PATCH] audit signal recipientsAmy Griffis
2007-05-11[PATCH] add SIGNAL syscall class (v3)Amy Griffis