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2011-01-11ux500: allow 5500 and 8500 to be built togetherlinaro-linux-2.6.37-upstream-12Jan2011Rabin Vincent
2011-01-11ux500: modem_irq is only for 5500Rabin Vincent
2011-01-11ux500: dynamic SOC detectionRabin Vincent
2011-01-11ux500: rename MOP board KconfigRabin Vincent
2011-01-11ux500: remove build-time changing macrosRabin Vincent
2011-01-11ARM: sched_clock: make minsec argument to clocks_calc_mult_shift() zeroRussell King
2011-01-11ARM: sched_clock: allow init_sched_clock() to be called earlyRussell King
2011-01-11ARM: integrator: fix compile warning in cpu.cRussell King
2011-01-11ARM: twd: fix display of twd frequencyRussell King
2011-01-11ARM: udelay: prevent math rounding resulting in short udelaysRussell King
2011-01-09Merge commit 'dc69d1a' into linaro-2.6.37Nicolas Pitre
2011-01-06Merge branch 'devel-stable' into develRussell King
2011-01-06Merge branch 'pgt' (early part) into develRussell King
2011-01-06Merge branch 'misc' into develRussell King
2011-01-06Merge branch 'smp' into miscRussell King
2011-01-06ARM: DMA: add support for DMA debuggingRussell King
2011-01-05Merge branch 'clksrc' into develRussell King
2011-01-05Merge branches 'ftrace', 'gic', 'io', 'kexec', 'mod', 'sa11x0', 'sh' and 'ver...Russell King
2011-01-05ARM: vexpress: add sched_clock() for Versatile ExpressRussell King
2011-01-05Merge branch 'for-rmk' of git://git.pengutronix.de/git/imx/linux-2.6 into dev...Russell King
2011-01-04ARM i.MX53: Make MX53 EVK bootableYong Shen
2011-01-04ARM i.MX53: Some bug fix about MX53 MSL codeYong Shen
2011-01-03ARM: 6607/1: sa1100: Update platform device registrationJochen Friedrich
2011-01-03ARM: 6606/1: sa1100: Fix platform device registrationJochen Friedrich
2011-01-03Merge branch 'fix' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/ycmiao/px...Russell King
2011-01-03ARM i.MX51: rename IPU irqsSascha Hauer
2011-01-03ARM i.MX51: Add ipu clock supportSascha Hauer
2011-01-03ARM: pxa: fix page table corruption on resumeAric D. Blumer
2011-01-03ARM: it8152: add IT8152_LAST_IRQ definition to fix build errorMike Rapoport
2011-01-03ARM: pxa: PXA_ESERIES depends on FB_W100.Lennert Buytenhek
2011-01-03ARM: imx/mx27_3ds: Add PMIC supportFabio Estevam
2011-01-03ARM: DMA: Replace page_to_dma()/dma_to_page() with pfn_to_dma()/dma_to_pfn()Russell King
2011-01-03Merge branch 'ux500-core' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/li...Russell King
2011-01-03Merge branch 'master' of git://git.infradead.org/users/cbou/linux-cns3xxx int...Russell King
2011-01-03mx51: fix usb clock supportArnaud Patard (Rtp)
2011-01-03MX51: Add support for usb host 2Arnaud Patard (Rtp)
2011-01-03arch/arm/plat-mxc/ehci.c: fix errors/typosArnaud Patard (Rtp)
2011-01-03ARM: mx3/mx31_3ds: Add support for USB Host2 portFabio Estevam
2011-01-03ARM: mx3/mx31_3ds: Add support for OTG host modeFabio Estevam
2011-01-03ARM: imx/mx25_3ds: Add USB supportFabio Estevam
2011-01-03ARM: imx/mx27_3ds: Add USB OTG supportFabio Estevam
2011-01-03ARM: mx3/mx35_3ds: Add USB OTG Host modeFabio Estevam
2011-01-03Merge branch 'sgu/mxs-core-v8' of git://git.pengutronix.de/git/ukl/linux-2.6 ...Sascha Hauer
2011-01-03ARM: 6605/1: Add missing include "asm/memory.h"Axel Lin
2011-01-03arm: mx50: add mx50 reference design board supportRichard Zhao
2011-01-03arm: mx50: add core functions support except clockRichard Zhao
2011-01-03arm: mx5: mx51/53 have different mxc_cpu_type definitionRichard Zhao
2011-01-03arm: mx51: define mx51's own MXC_GPIO_IRQSRichard Zhao
2011-01-03arm: plat-mxc: add full parameter macro to define gpio portRichard Zhao
2011-01-03ARM: mx5: use config to define boot related addressesRichard Zhao