path: root/arch/arm/mach-mx6/board-mx6q_sabrelite.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-12-01ENGR00162885 mx6q: sabrelite: add flexcan supporter3Dong Aisheng
2011-12-01ENGR00162478 MX6 Sabre-lite, add ASRC supportMahesh Mahadevan
2011-12-01ENGR00162048 Align the MX6 Sabrelite set_cpu_voltage() with ARM2Mahesh Mahadevan
2011-12-01ENGR00161926 Change the PAD settings on SD3 Write ProtectMahesh Mahadevan
2011-12-01ENGR00161518 [MX6] USB: Add USB OC(Over Current) codemake shi
2011-12-01ENGR00161617 - [MX6] : FEC get MAC address from OCOTP.Fugang Duan
2011-12-01ENGR00161643-2 MX6Q-lite : enlarge the mtd partition of NORHuang Shijie
2011-12-01ENGR00161483 Add SPI-NOR support on MX6 Sabre-liteMahesh Mahadevan
2011-12-01ENGR00161484 Add HDMI audio support on MX6 Sabre-liteMahesh Mahadevan
2011-12-01ENGR00161192 [MX6 Sabre-lite] Add dummy regulators for MMC and SD driversNancy Chen
2011-12-01ENGR00160930-1 Add support for MX6 Sabre-liteMahesh Mahadevan