AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-05-24ENGR00123741 MX28: Add IOCTL commands to L2 switch driverrel_imx_2.6.31_10.05.02Niu Xule
2010-05-24ENGR00123744-3 iMX23 enable unique id supportFrank Li
2010-05-24ENGR00123744-2 iMX23 enable unique id supportFrank Li
2010-05-24ENGR00123744-1 iMX23 add unique ID supportFrank Li
2010-05-24ENGR00123734 fix PxP hang issue when streamon and streamoff frequentlyRobby Cai
2010-05-21ENGR00123436 Clear GPMI LOCK_CS to lower suspend current.Frank Li
2010-05-21ENGR00122307 MX23 ALSA: Speaker is muted after playbackLionel Xu
2010-05-21ENGR00122302 MX23 ALSA: Resolve the failure when pausing and resuming playbackLionel Xu
2010-05-21ENGR00123514 MX28: System hangs when set different cpu freq continuouslyNancy Chen
2010-05-20ENGR00123438: iMX23 Mount as usb device then go to standby, system haltJeremy.Yao
2010-05-20ENGR00123454 [MX23] FIX LCD no display issue after switch back from TVoutRobby Cai
2010-05-19ENGR00123554 mx233/mx28: Enlarge the ramdisk sizePeter Chen
2010-05-19ENGR00123491 i.mx53 arc usb host increase tx fifo threshold.Jun Li
2010-05-19ENGR00123441 imx23, fix ethernet can not suspendZhou Jingyu
2010-05-19ENGR00123412: iMX23 Copy data from SD to NAND Kernel WarningJeremy.Yao
2010-05-19ENGR00123446 Can not get ip address after ifconfig eth0 downJason Liu
2010-05-19ENGR00123389: iMX23 system fail to detect sd removeJeremy.Yao
2010-05-19ENGR00123559 Android lowmemorykiller judges the number of free pages incorrect.Xinyu Chen
2010-05-18ENGR00123558 v4l2 output: add own workqueue for v4l outputJason Chen
2010-05-18netdev/fec: fix ifconfig eth0 down hang issueBryan Wu
2010-05-17ENGR00123527 fix iMX23 udhcpc fail to get ip addressFrank Li
2010-05-17ENGR00122965 Improve USB100 feature due to bootloader change.Frank Li
2010-05-17ENGR00123512 ipu: fix ipu lib compile errorJason Chen
2010-05-17ENGR00123507 IPUv3:Set suitable IDMAC burst size for UYVY and ABGR32Liu Ying
2010-05-16ENGR00123294 MX53: 4 stripes algorithm for support resizing for big screenmark gutman
2010-05-16ENGR00123439 DMFC size: IPU DMFC DP high resulution fail to display small frameRan Ferderber
2010-05-14phylib: Move workqueue initialization to a proper placeAnton Vorontsov
2010-05-14phylib: Properly reinitialize PHYs after hibernationAnton Vorontsov
2010-05-14phylib: Fix deadlock on resumeAnton Vorontsov
2010-05-15ENGR00123489 Support vpu suspend/resume on mx53Sammy He
2010-05-13ENGR00123437 iMX28: Add nand support for updater defconfigPeter Chen
2010-05-12ENGR00123280 MX5x SRTC: Add ioctls for time set notificationAnish Trivedi
2010-05-12ENGR00122216-3 Build in LDB driver for imx5 platformsLiu Ying
2010-05-12ENGR00122216-2 Support LDB driverLiu Ying
2010-05-12ENGR00122216-1 MX53 MSL:Change for LDB supportLiu Ying
2010-05-12ENGR00123078-2 MX28: L2 Switch supportNiu Xule
2010-05-12ENGR00123078-1 MX28: Add L2 Switch resources definitionNiu Xule
2010-05-12ENGR00123400 imx53 arm2: set correct IOMUX for dviJason Chen
2010-05-12ENGR00122780 ipufb: rework display device setting methodJason Chen
2010-05-12ENGR00123338 MX23: MTD block device supportAisheng.Dong
2010-05-12ENGR00122962 ipu: don't set axi id to 1 on mx53Rob Herring
2010-05-11 ENGR00123325-2 mx5x: Change default DMA zone to 96MSammy He
2010-05-11ENGR00123325-1 Increase DMA zone to 96M on mx5xSammy He
2010-05-10ENGR00123296 MX5: Fix FEC compiling errorXie Xiaobo
2010-05-09ENGR00122832-2 MX28: Support for IEEE 1588 interface functionalityXiexiaobo
2010-05-09ENGR00122832-1 MX28: Configure clock source for FEC 1588 timerXie Xiaobo
2010-05-08ENGR00123293 iMX23 fix ssp clock is too slowFrank Li
2010-05-07ENGR00123283 MX23: clock driver causes ssp_clk change timeout out of suspendRobert Lee
2010-05-07ENGR00123222 MX23/MX28: Add power optimization functionality to cpufreqRobert Lee
2010-05-07ENGR00122684: imx23: add nand support for updater defconfigPeter Chen