AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-04-26ENGR00122879 ath6kl: set default ifname to wlan%drel_imx_2.6.31_10.04.01Richard Zhao
2010-04-26ENGR00122846-2 MX53: Restore the default GPU memory as 128MLily Zhang
2010-04-26ENGR00122846-1 MX5: Split user and kernel space as 2G_2GLily Zhang
2010-04-22ENGR00122789: Fixed long-term video playback issue.Ranjani Vaidyanathan-RA5478
2010-04-22ENGR00122691-2 imx5: Build ath6kl driver by defaultRichard Zhao
2010-04-22ENGR00122691-1 Add atheros driver ath6klNathan Cheng
2010-04-22ENGR00122694 v4l2 output: set correct bits_per_pixel for fbiJason Chen
2010-04-17ENGR00122632 MX53: Set default GPU memory as 32MLily Zhang
2010-04-16ENGR00122612-2 iMX23 Lower the suspend current to 9mA.Frank Li
2010-04-16ENGR00122612-1 iMX23 Lower the suspend current to 9mA.Frank Li
2010-04-16ENGR00122618 MX28: fix vddio value settingsZhou Jingyu
2010-04-16ENGR00122597: iMX28 Support SDIO functionJeremy.Yao
2010-04-15ENGR00117756: add mx28 standby modeZhou Jingyu
2010-04-15ENGR00122522 Enable USB Gadget for imx5 platform.Jun Li
2010-04-15ENGR00121945 Fix USB OTG pin-detect.Jun Li
2010-04-14ENGR00122496 MX5: Enable CONFIG_SECURITY_FILE_CAPABILITIESLily Zhang
2010-04-14ENGR00122493 MX5: Enable CONFIG_EFI_PARTITION optionLily Zhang
2010-04-14ENGR00122477-3 iMX23 Add persistent bit supportFrank Li
2010-04-14ENGR00122477-2 iMX23 Enable persistent bit supportFrank Li
2010-04-14ENGR00122477-1 IMX23 add original persisten.cFrank Li
2010-04-14ENGR00122043 v4l2 output: enable fb channel before buf selectJason Chen
2010-04-14ENGR00122430 imx53: DVI supportJason Chen
2010-04-14ENGR00122151 reserve gpu memory in kernelWu Guoxing
2010-04-13ENGR00122462 mxs: support mmapped buffer for 24/32 bit spdifAlan Tull
2010-04-13ENGR00122388-2 V4L2 capture:Support camera's MCLK from SSI_EXT1_CLKLiu Ying
2010-04-13ENGR00122388-1 MX53 MSL:Change for support OV3640 cameraLiu Ying
2010-04-13ENGR00122467 iMX23/iMX28 Avoid write bit to read only registerFrank Li
2010-04-13ENGR00122437-2 MX28 MFGTool firmware with SD supportFrank Li
2010-04-13ENGR00122437-1 Rename stmp_updater to fsl_updaterFrank Li
2010-04-12ENGR00122382 MX37 SCC2: Modify MSL to provide base addressAnish Trivedi
2010-04-12ENGR00122435 iMX23 Support USB current draw and fix power switch issueFrank Li
2010-04-12ENGR00122416 Add mma7455 driver and fix I2C DMA channel issueFrank Li
2010-04-09ENGR00121905-2 MX28: Restructure cpufreq driverNancy Chen
2010-04-09ENGR00121905-1 MX23: Add cpufreq supportNancy Chen
2010-04-09ENGR00122314 MX23 fix I2C DMA channel issueFrank Li
2010-04-09ENGR00122359 MX53: Change FEC PAD settingLily Zhang
2010-04-08ENGR00122290-3 MX5x Enable SCC2 and SAHARA driversAnish Trivedi
2010-04-08ENGR00122290-2 MX5x Enable SCC2 and SAHARA driversAnish Trivedi
2010-04-08ENGR00122290-1 MX5x Enable SCC2 and SAHARA driversAnish Trivedi
2010-04-08ENGR00117344 fix mono record during stereo playbackAlan Tull
2010-04-08ENGR00122370 MX28 EMI: Fix build breakNancy Chen
2010-04-08ENGR00121291 System can not suspend after RTC alarm wakeupXinyu Chen
2010-04-07ENGR00122274 mx23: spdif playbackAlan Tull
2010-04-07ENGR00122309 iMX23 fix usb function break by 100mA patchFrank Li
2010-04-07ENGR00122281 Fix MX23 build fail when disable usbFrank Li
2010-04-07ENGR00122127 iMX28 trun off usb0 vbus power defaultly.Frank Li
2010-04-07ENGR00122030 Mfg Firmware support for imx25Yan Wang
2010-04-06ENGR00122231 mxs: support read in mxs_pcm_copy to fix recordAlan Tull
2010-04-06ENGR00121904 MX23: Add set_rate implementation for some clocksNancy Chen
2010-04-02ENGR00122018 [MX53] SDIO wifi use result in error msg floodingRichard Zhu