AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-03-26ENGR00122062 Interim i.MX28 NAND Flash driver change to support bootingrel_imx_2.6.31_10.03.00Patrick Turley
2010-03-26ENGR00121974 [MXS] Set the limit for PxP down scaling factorRobby Cai
2010-03-26ENGR00122040 mxs battery driver: fix lradc conflictZhou Jingyu
2010-03-25ENGR00122007 Kernel panic caused by i.MX28 GPMI NAND Flash driverPatrick Turley
2010-03-26ENGR00121963-3 MX53: Remove standby voltage settingLily Zhang
2010-03-26ENGR00121963-2 SDHC: support "no card detection signal" caseLily Zhang
2010-03-26ENGR00121963-1 MX53: Add ARM2 CPU board supportLily Zhang
2010-03-26ENGR00121879 MX53 fix i2c error when system is going downShen Yong
2010-03-26ENGR00121913 Add sched_clock support to i.mx platformXinyu Chen
2010-03-25ENGR00122025 mx28: support 24, 32 bit spdifAlan Tull
2010-03-25ENGR00122021: MX51: Unable to connect using JTAGRanjani Vaidyanathan-RA5478
2010-03-25ENGR00121977: iMX28 Fix Keypad DriverJeremy.Yao
2010-03-25ENGR00121922 ipuv3: move ipu reset function to MSLJason Chen
2010-03-24ENGR00121951: MX51: Fix system crash when DVFS-PER is enabledRanjani Vaidyanathan-RA5478
2010-03-24ENGR00117751 MX28 ALSA: Support audio record through saifLionel Xu
2010-03-24ENGR00121885 Fix power source switch issue on Mx23 and Mx28Frank Li
2010-03-24ENGR00121869 net: register_netdevice call netdev_register_kobject at endRichard Zhao
2010-03-24ENGR00121204 MX51 EVK: Fix SPDIF hang issueLily Zhang
2010-03-23ENGR00121886 Port VIIM driver to new MSLRobby Cai
2010-03-24ENGR00121876 enable mtd block device and jffs2 support in mx28 kernel configSam Yang
2010-03-24ENGR00121831:iMX23 ALSA Fix Audio Driver QualityJeremy.Yao
2010-03-23ENGR00121873 MX28 enable usb otgFrank Li
2010-03-23ENGR00121867 Fix mx23 crash when insert usb host moduleFrank Li
2010-03-23ENGR00121861 Remove mx28 keywork in description of CRYPTO_DEV_CP driverSam Yang
2010-03-22ENGR00121823 MX28 add usb gadget serial as moduleFrank Li
2010-03-20ENGR00121658 MX53 Disable ARM SRPGLily Zhang
2010-03-19ENGR00121798 MX53 RTC: Disable coin cell charging by pmicAnish Trivedi
2010-03-19ENGR00121797 Fix IPU register access for ipuv3mDinh Nguyen
2010-03-19ENGR00121654 MX53 Add eSDHC supportDinh Nguyen
2010-03-19ENGR00121762-2: arm: always get phys_offset from stack pointer for MX5Rob Herring
2010-03-19ENGR00121762-1 mx5: enable run-time physoffsetRob Herring
2010-03-19ENGR00121677-2 MX53 PWM: Enabled by default in the configWilliam Lai
2010-03-19ENGR00121677-1 MX53 PWM: PWM backlight supportWilliam Lai
2010-03-19ENGR00121689 i.MX28 GPMI driver doesn't compile correctly under some conditionsPatrick Turley
2010-03-19ENGR00121653 MX53 Add FEC supportXinyu Chen
2010-03-18Allow PHYS_OFFSET to be runtime determinedUwe Kleine-K├Ânig
2010-03-18ENGR00121761: imx change cpu_is_X_rev from inline to macros.Rob Herring
2010-03-18ENGR00121651 MX53: Add support for USBDinh Nguyen
2010-03-18ENGR00121656 MX53: Add support for VPUDinh Nguyen
2010-03-18ENGR00121109 MX53: Add MSL layerDinh Nguyen
2010-03-18ENGR00121694 SRTC: Running unit test script results in a hangAnish Trivedi
2010-03-18ENGR00121700: ipu: add support for ipuv3M memory mappingRob Herring
2010-03-18ENGR00121722 mxs battery driver, add defconfigZhou Jingyu
2010-03-18ENGR00119644-2 [MXS] Change name to eliminate the confusionRobby Cai
2010-03-18ENGR00119644-1 [MXS] PXP/v4l: 90/270 degree rotation output is not correct.Robby Cai
2010-03-17ENGR00117758 MX28: Add cpufreq supportNancy Chen
2010-03-17ENGR00121661 [MX28] Fix the CD isn't functional issue on SSP portsRichard Zhu
2010-03-17ENGR00121604: iMX23 Support AudioJeremy.Yao
2010-03-16ENGR00121615 Remove duplicate definition of fec_platform_data in header fileSam Yang
2010-03-16ENGR00121581 MX23 and iMX28 add iram alloc supportFrank Li