AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-01-25ENGR00120370 v4l2 output: fix display fail for blank fb during video playrel_imx_2.6.31_10.02.00Jason Chen
2010-01-20ENGR00119976 v4l2 output: use mannual buffer select for display channelJason Chen
2010-01-19ENGR00116049-2 [imx23] Addition of FIQ system for chip errata/bo'sRobert Lee
2010-01-19ENGR00116049-1 [imx23] Addition of FIQ system for chip errata/bo'sRobert Lee
2010-01-15ENGR00120054 MX51: Increase VPU IRAM size to support decoderSammy He
2010-01-14ENGR00120126 mx51: add mem resources in platform device for gpu2d and gpu3d.Wu Guoxing
2010-01-13ENGR00119975 IPUv3:Inform user when IDMAC UV-offset overflowsLiu Ying
2010-01-12ENGR00119899 Add FEC iomux config and PHY reset.Jun Li
2010-01-11ENGR00119034 V4L2 overlay:Use DP to do CSC for preview on DPFGLiu Ying
2010-01-08ENGR00119710 MXC V4L2 output:Support YUYV and UYVY input pixel formatLiu Ying
2010-01-07ENGR00119583 MX35: Add regulators' standby controlWallace Wang
2010-01-06ENGR00119847 [MX23_BSP] Support polled read/write for debug UARTPatrick Turley
2010-01-04ENGR00119720 IPUv3:Fix wrong UV offset set in CPMEM when idmac cropsLiu Ying
2009-12-28ENGR00119693 Uniform handling NFC INT bit clearanceJason
2009-12-28ENGR00116787 change pmic event handling methodZhou Jingyu
2009-12-25ENGR00119578 v4l2 output: fix fb setting for display 5Jason Chen
2009-12-24ENGR00119635 MX23 fix wrong state transition of enable lcd controllerRobby Cai
2009-12-23ENGR00119582 V4L2 capture:Fix race condition for accessing kernel resourceLiu Ying
2009-12-23ENGR00119531 ipuv3: dmfc setting restore during resumeJason Chen
2009-12-21ENGR00119305 imx23: fix ethernet standby issuerel_imx_2.6.31_09.12.00Zhou Jingyu
2009-12-21ENGR00119532 MX35: Change nand partition for bootloader to 3M bytesWallace Wang
2009-12-19ENGR00119504 MX25: Change nand partition for bootloader to 3M byteSammy He
2009-12-18ENGR00119484 Update NFC INT wait timeout value to 1sJason
2009-12-18ENGR00119296 Fix iMX23 display abnormal when change frequencyFrank Li
2009-12-18ENGR00119432 MX35 system can't re-boot up when SD/MMC boot is used.Richard Zhu
2009-12-18ENGR00119070 IPUv3 FB:Support DP local alpha in pixelLiu Ying
2009-12-18ENGR00119179 TVE: fix system hang for tvoutJason Chen
2009-12-18ENGR00119081 V4l2 capture:Support NV12 output pixel format for still captureLiu Ying
2009-12-17ENGR00119104 MX23 ALSA: Resolve the problem of record from line-inLionel Xu
2009-12-17ENGR00119274 TVE: HDTV can not workJason Chen
2009-12-17ENGR00119136 ipuv3: support 720p for ipu libJason Chen
2009-12-16ENGR00119443 [MX23_BSP] GPMI driver computes wrong block size for K9GAG08U0DPatrick Turley
2009-12-17ENGR00119275 ipuv3: dmfc size controlJason Chen
2009-12-16ENGR00114151 800x600-16@60 video not play correctlyRan Ferderber
2009-12-16ENGR00119324 Put GPMI NAND flash scan scheme code to the common NAND directoryJason
2009-12-15ENGR00119063 MX23: fix system halt rather than reboot when watchdog timeoutRobby Cai
2009-12-15ENGR00118892 MX23: iMX233 disable lcd clock when LCD offRobby Cai
2009-12-14ENGR00119075 fix iMX23 USB initialization cause wrong power statusFrank Li
2009-12-11ENGR00119267 revert to gcc 4.1.2 toolchainAlan Tull
2009-12-11ENGR00119263: MX51 : Fix pll_set_rate functionRanjani Vaidyanathan-RA5478
2009-12-11ENGR00119242 Add wait timeout support to void dead loop in NAND driverJason
2009-12-11ENGR00119004 v4l2 output: fix kernel dumpJason Chen
2009-12-11ENGR00118363 Fix SATA drive failure on Ubuntu 9.10Dinh Nguyen
2009-12-10ENGR00119203 MX23: Correct VDDD value for CPU frequency 360 MHzNancy Chen
2009-12-10ENGR00119202: Fix DVFS-PER related bugs.Ranjani Vaidyanathan-RA5478
2009-12-10ENGR00119199: ipu: add clock nodes for pixel clocksRanjani Vaidyanathan-RA5478
2009-12-10ENGR00118872 Write bootstream to kernel by kobs with BCH ECCJason
2009-12-10ENGR00118610 MX23: Add double buffering for PXPRobby Cai
2009-12-09ENGR00119150 Bluetooth: Handsfree audio has noiseWallace Wang
2009-12-09ENGR00118946 imx23: enable wake up from USB 5VZhou Jingyu