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2011-04-29LINARO: linux-linaro-imx5-2.6.38-1000.4linux-linaro-imx5-2.6.38-1000.4Eric Miao
2011-04-29SAUCE: MX5: Disable ondemand governor temporarilyEric Miao
2011-04-29SAUCE: MX5: increase coherent DMA size to 128M and remove arch_adjust_zone() ...Eric Miao
2011-04-29LINARO: Start new releaseEric Miao
2011-04-26LINARO: linux-linaro-imx5-2.6.38-1000.3linux-linaro-imx5-2.6.38-1000.3Eric Miao
2011-04-26SAUCE: MX5: fix possible panic due to incorrectly calculated timeoutEric Miao
2011-04-26LINARO: Start new releaseEric Miao
2011-04-22LINARO: linux-linaro-imx5-2.6.38-1000.2linux-linaro-imx5-2.6.38-1000.2Eric Miao
2011-04-22LINARO: Add missing input-modules to d-i exclude listEric Miao
2011-04-22LINARO: Start new releaseEric Miao
2011-04-21LINARO: linux-linaro-imx5-2.6.38-1000.1linux-linaro-imx5-2.6.38-1000.1Eric Miao
2011-04-21SAUCE: MX5: GPIO registers start differently between i.MX51/53Eric Miao
2011-04-21SAUCE: MX51: fix build error of mx51_get_cpu_op() not declaredEric Miao
2011-04-21LINARO: initial kernel config and modified enforce fileEric Miao
2011-04-21LINARO: initial debian.linaro dir for freescale mx5Eric Miao
2011-04-21LINARO: Add generic linaro packagingJohn Rigby
2011-04-21ENGR00142436-2 SGTL5000: Audio not work in 2.6.38 kernelZeng Zhaoming
2011-04-21ENGR00142436-1 MX53 LOCO: Audio not work in 2.6.38 kernelZeng Zhaoming
2011-04-21ENGR00142413: MX51: Fix mx51 I2c board info multiple defined in 2.6.38Zeng Zhaoming
2011-04-21ENGR00142304: IMX51: Add pmic support for IMX51 babbage in 2.6.38Zeng Zhaoming
2011-04-21ENGR00142303: IMX51: add sgtl5000 support for MX51 babbageZeng Zhaoming
2011-04-21ARM: imx53: set uart_main_clk parent clock to pll2_sw_clkRichard Zhao
2011-04-20ENGR00142351 mxc_gpu: autogating: add pending flagRichard Zhao
2011-04-20ENGR00141152-3 make default display option for driversJason Chen
2011-04-20ENGR00141152-2 imx5X MSL: make default display optionJason Chen
2011-04-20ENGR00141152-1 header file: make default display optionJason Chen
2011-04-20ENGR00141400 GPU: Improve GPU clock gatingZhou, Jie
2011-04-20ENGR00140700 GPU: fix tiger run the second time causing system hangRichard Zhao
2011-04-20ENGR00140050 GPU: workaround hang with heavy bus loadingZhou, Jie
2011-04-20ENGR00142296-2 SRTC: Upgrade driver to kernel version 2.6.38Anish Trivedi
2011-04-20ENGR00142296-1 ARM: MX5: Add SRTC device supportAnish Trivedi
2011-04-19ENGR00142268 ARM i.MX51 bbg: add display support.Jason Chen
2011-04-19ENGR00142266-7 eSDHC:Add the GPIO CD/WP on MX53 EVK boardsRichard Zhu
2011-04-19ENGR00142266-6 eSDHC:Add the GPIO CD/WP on MX53 ARD boardsRichard Zhu
2011-04-19ENGR00142266-5 eSDHC:Add the GPIO CD/WP on MX53 SMD boardsRichard Zhu
2011-04-19ENGR00142266-4 eSDHC:Add the GPIO CD/WP on MX53 LOCO boardsRichard Zhu
2011-04-19ENGR00142266-3 eSDHC:Add the GPIO CD/WP on MX51 BBG boardsRichard Zhu
2011-04-19ENGR00142266-2 eSDHC:Add the GPIO CD/WP on MX5x boardsRichard Zhu
2011-04-19ENGR00142266-1 eSDHC:Add the GPIO CD/WP on MX5x boardsRichard Zhu
2011-04-19ENGR00142132 SPI: Fix the wrong SPI clocks definitions in 2.6.38Richard Zhu
2011-04-19arm: imx50: fix mc13892 build error.Richard Zhao
2011-04-19ENGR00137340-2 MX53_SMD: add headphone detection support.Zhang Jiejing
2011-04-19ENGR00137340-1 ASOC: add headphone detection support for imx-sgtl5000.cZhang Jiejing
2011-04-19ENGR00142089-3 MX51/MX53: Upgrade SCC2 and SAHARA drivers to 2.6.38Anish Trivedi
2011-04-19ENGR00142089-2 MX51/MX53 Upgrade SCC2 and SAHARA drivers to 2.6.38Anish Trivedi
2011-04-19ENGR00142089-1 MX51/MX53: Upgrade SCC2 and SAHARA drivers to 2.6.38Anish Trivedi
2011-04-19ENGR00141554 tve: fix atomic schedule issue in ueventJason Chen
2011-04-19ENGR00141363 ARM imx53 clock: change di0 clock default parent to pll3Jason Chen
2011-04-19ENGR00141312 tve: add uevent for tve cable detectionJason Chen
2011-04-19ENGR00141161 ipuv3: add bgr24 fmt support for diJason Chen