AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-11-14ARM: topdown mmap supportlinux-linaro-3.1-2011.11-0Rob Herring
2011-11-14ARM: use cache type functions for arch_get_unmapped_areaRob Herring
2011-11-14Merge branch 'sched_mc_for_11.11' of git://git.linaro.org/people/vingu/kernel...Nicolas Pitre
2011-11-14Merge branch 'scheduler' into prepare_sched_mcVincent Guittot
2011-11-14Merge branch 'topology' into prepare_sched_mcVincent Guittot
2011-11-14Merge branch 'tip' into prepare_sched_mcVincent Guittot
2011-11-14ARM: cpu topology: Add debugfs interface for cpu_powerVincent Guittot
2011-11-14ARM: cpu topology: Add asym topology flag for using cpu0 1stVincent Guittot
2011-11-14ARM: cpu topology: Modify cpu_power according to cpufreqVincent Guittot
2011-11-14ARM: cpu topology: Modify cpu_power according to sched_mc levelVincent Guittot
2011-11-14ARM: scheduler: add a cpu_power functionVincent Guittot
2011-11-14ARM: cpu topology: modify cpu topologyVincent Guittot
2011-11-14ARM: cpu topology: Add update_cpu_topology functionVincent Guittot
2011-11-14ARM: cpu topology: fix warningVincent Guittot
2011-11-14ARM: cpu topology: Enable ARCH_POWERVincent Guittot
2011-11-14sched: Ensure cpu_power periodic updateVincent Guittot
2011-11-14ARM: ux500: send cpufreq notification on all coresVincent Guittot
2011-11-14sched: Request for idle balance during nohz idle load balanceSuresh Siddha
2011-11-14sched: Use resched IPI to kick off the nohz idle balanceVincent Guittot
2011-11-11Merge commit 'v3.1.1' into linaro-3.1Nicolas Pitre
2011-11-11Linux 3.1.1v3.1.1Greg Kroah-Hartman
2011-11-11Merge branch 'samsung_cpuidle_l2_retention' of git://git.linaro.org/people/am...Nicolas Pitre
2011-11-11hid/apple: modern macbook airs use the standard apple function key translationsLinus Torvalds
2011-11-11HID: consolidate MacbookAir 4,1 mappingsJiri Kosina
2011-11-11HID: hid-apple: add device ID of another wireless aluminiumAndreas Krist
2011-11-11HID: Add device IDs for Macbook Pro 8 keyboardsGökçen Eraslan
2011-11-11HID: Add support MacbookAir 4,1 keyboardNobuhiro Iwamatsu
2011-11-11HID: add MacBookAir4,2 to hid_have_special_driver[]Jiri Kosina
2011-11-11HID: hid-multitouch: Add LG Display Multitouch device.Jeff Brown
2011-11-11HID: add support for MacBookAir4,2 keyboard.Joshua V. Dillon
2011-11-11mtd: nand_base: always initialise oob_poi before writing OOB dataTHOMSON, Adam (Adam)
2011-11-11md/raid5: STRIPE_ACTIVE has lock semantics, add barriersDan Williams
2011-11-11md/raid5: abort any pending parity operations when array fails.NeilBrown
2011-11-11ath9k_hw: Fix regression of register offset for AR9003 chipsRajkumar Manoharan
2011-11-11dp83640: use proper function to free transmit time stamping packetsRichard Cochran
2011-11-11crypto: cryptd - Use subsys_initcall to prevent races with aesniHerbert Xu
2011-11-11PM / Suspend: Off by one in pm_suspend()Dan Carpenter
2011-11-11mtd: pxa3xx_nand: Fix blank page ECC mismatchDaniel Mack
2011-11-11mtd: pxa3xx_nand: fix nand detection issueLei Wen
2011-11-11mtd: provide an alias for the redboot module nameAndres Salomon
2011-11-11mtd: mtdchar: add missing initializer on raw writePeter Wippich
2011-11-11mac80211: disable powersave for broken APsJohannes Berg
2011-11-11mac80211: config hw when going back on-channelEliad Peller
2011-11-11mac80211: fix remain_off_channel regressionEliad Peller
2011-11-11ath9k_hw: Update AR9485 initvals to fix system hang issueRajkumar Manoharan
2011-11-11netlink: validate NLA_MSECS lengthJohannes Berg
2011-11-11ACPI: Fix CONFIG_ACPI_DOCK=n compiler warningBart Van Assche
2011-11-11ACPI atomicio: Convert width in bits to bytes in __acpi_ioremap_fast()Luck, Tony
2011-11-11powerpc: Fix deadlock in icswx codeAnton Blanchard
2011-11-11powerpc/eeh: Fix /proc/ppc64/eeh creationThadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo