AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-02-08cpufreq: Add documentation for sampling_down_factorlinaro-linux-2.6.37-upstream-08Feb2011Vishwanath BS
2011-02-07arm: omap4: panda: remove usb_nop_xceiv_register(v1)Ming Lei
2011-02-07OMAP1: Fix non-working LCD on OMAP310Marek Vasut
2011-02-07OMAP3: Devkit8000: Change lcd power pinThomas Weber
2011-02-07omap1: remove duplicated #includeHuang Weiyi
2011-02-07arm: mach-omap2: mux: free allocated memory on error exitAaro Koskinen
2011-02-07arm: mach-omap2: board-rm680: fix rm680_vemmc regulator constraintsAaro Koskinen
2011-02-07OMAP: PM: SmartReflex: Fix possible null pointer read accessStefan Weil
2011-02-07OMAP: PM: SmartReflex: Fix possible memory leakStefan Weil
2011-02-07arm: mach-omap2: voltage: debugfs: fix memory leakAaro Koskinen
2011-02-07OMAP3: PM: fix save secure RAM to restore MPU power stateKevin Hilman
2011-02-07OMAP: PM: SmartReflex: Add missing IS_ERR testJulia Lawall
2011-02-03ARM: S5PV310: Add support System MMU on SMDKV310Thomas Abraham
2011-01-31ARM: smp_on_up: allow non-ARM SMP processorslinaro-linux-2.6.37-upstream-31Jan2011Russell King
2011-01-31ARM: io: ensure inb/outb() et.al. are properly ordered on ARMv6+Russell King
2011-01-31ARM: initrd: disable initrd if passed address overlaps reserved regionRussell King
2011-01-31ARM: footbridge: fix debug macrosRussell King
2011-01-31ARM: mmci: round down the bytes transferred on errorRussell King
2011-01-31ARM: mmci: complete the transaction on errorRussell King
2011-01-31ARM: 6642/1: mmci: calculate remaining bytes at error correctlyLinus Walleij
2011-01-31mach-ux500: fix inverted SD-card GPIO pinPhilippe Langlais
2011-01-31mach-ux500: set sd/mmc clock rate to 100MHzPhilippe Langlais
2011-01-27mmc: sdhci-s3c: add platform_8bit_width() hookJaehoon Chung
2011-01-27mmc: mmci: don't read command response when invalidRussell King - ARM Linux
2011-01-27ALSA: AACI: fix timeout durationRussell King
2011-01-27ALSA: AACI: fix timeout condition checkingRussell King
2011-01-27ARM: 6636/1: ep93xx: default multiplexed gpio ports to gpio modeHartley Sweeten
2011-01-27ARM: 6637/1: Make the argument to virt_to_phys() "const volatile"Catalin Marinas
2011-01-27ARM: twd: ensure timer reload is reprogrammed on entry to periodic modeRussell King
2011-01-27ARM: 6635/2: Configure reference clock for Versatile Express timersPawel Moll
2011-01-27ARM: versatile: name configuration options after actual board namesRussell King
2011-01-27ARM: realview: name configuration options after actual board namesRussell King
2011-01-27ARM: realview,vexpress: fix section mismatch warning for pen_releaseRussell King
2011-01-27ARM: 6632/3: mmci: stop using the blockend interruptsLinus Walleij
2011-01-27cpuidle/x86/perf: fix power:cpu_idle double end events and throw cpu_idle eve...linaro-linux-2.6.37-upstream-27Jan2011Thomas Renninger
2011-01-27perf: Clean up power events by introducing new, more generic onesThomas Renninger
2011-01-27mach-ux500: update the U8500 defconfigLinus Walleij
2011-01-27Set the u8500 to use the nomadik mach idLinus Walleij
2011-01-26regulators: Moved define for number of regulators in ab8500Bengt Jonsson
2011-01-21fix perf Annotation of Thumb codelinaro-linux-2.6.37-upstream-24Jan2011Dr. David Alan Gilbert
2011-01-21omap: DMA: clear interrupt status correctlyAdrian Hunter
2011-01-21OMAP3: Devkit8000: Fix tps65930 pullup/pulldown configurationDaniel Morsing
2011-01-21arm: omap3: cm-t3517: minor comment fixIgor Grinberg
2011-01-21arm: omap3: cm-t3517: rtc fixIgor Grinberg
2011-01-21omap1: Fix sched_clock implementation when both MPU timer and 32K timer are usedTony Lindgren
2011-01-21omap1: Fix booting for 15xx and 730 with omap1_defconfigTony Lindgren
2011-01-21omap1: Fix sched_clock for the MPU timerTony Lindgren
2011-01-21OMAP: PRCM: remove duplicated headersFelipe Balbi
2011-01-21OMAP4: clockdomain: bypass unimplemented wake-up dependency functions on OMAP4Paul Walmsley
2011-01-21OMAP: counter_32k: init clocksource as part of machine timer initPaul Walmsley