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authorHugh Dickins <hugh@veritas.com>2005-11-21 21:32:13 -0800
committerLinus Torvalds <torvalds@g5.osdl.org>2005-11-22 09:13:42 -0800
commit1cdca61bf8537043edde8ef784ce1a1351361dac (patch)
treedb9d45f8616240758cea40f5f657879f47f058fe /sound/usb/usx2y
parent83e9b7e929d1323b9a155d186f77aa8c06155cc3 (diff)
[PATCH] unpaged: sound nopage get_page
Something noticed when studying use of VM_RESERVED in different drivers: snd_usX2Y_hwdep_pcm_vm_nopage omitted to get_page: fixed. And how did this work before? Aargh! That nopage is returning a page from within a buffer allocated by snd_malloc_pages, which allocates a high-order page, then does SetPageReserved on each 0-order page within. That would have worked in 2.6.14, because when the area was unmapped, PageReserved inhibited put_page. 2.6.15-rc1 removed that inhibition (while leaving ineffective PageReserveds around for now), but it hasn't caused trouble because.. we've not been freeing from VM_RESERVED at all. Signed-off-by: Hugh Dickins <hugh@veritas.com> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <akpm@osdl.org> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@osdl.org>
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diff --git a/sound/usb/usx2y/usx2yhwdeppcm.c b/sound/usb/usx2y/usx2yhwdeppcm.c
index 0dc828ff9e9..c9136a98755 100644
--- a/sound/usb/usx2y/usx2yhwdeppcm.c
+++ b/sound/usb/usx2y/usx2yhwdeppcm.c
@@ -691,6 +691,7 @@ static struct page * snd_usX2Y_hwdep_pcm_vm_nopage(struct vm_area_struct *area,
snd_assert((offset % PAGE_SIZE) == 0, return NOPAGE_OOM);
vaddr = (char*)((usX2Ydev_t*)area->vm_private_data)->hwdep_pcm_shm + offset;
page = virt_to_page(vaddr);
+ get_page(page);
if (type)