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authorEduardo Habkost <ehabkost@redhat.com>2008-07-30 18:32:27 -0300
committerIngo Molnar <mingo@elte.hu>2008-08-22 05:34:44 +0200
commitf86399396ce7a4f4069828b7dceac5aa5113dfb5 (patch)
tree2f5140fc4acdc33d615cd776bf212e310dc9345b /arch/x86
parent6e86841d05f371b5b9b86ce76c02aaee83352298 (diff)
x86, paravirt_ops: use unsigned long instead of u32 for alloc_p*() pfn args
This patch changes the pfn args from 'u32' to 'unsigned long' on alloc_p*() functions on paravirt_ops, and the corresponding implementations for Xen and VMI. The prototypes for CONFIG_PARAVIRT=n are already using unsigned long, so paravirt.h now matches the prototypes on asm-x86/pgalloc.h. It shouldn't result in any changes on generated code on 32-bit, with or without CONFIG_PARAVIRT. On both cases, 'codiff -f' didn't show any change after applying this patch. On 64-bit, there are (expected) binary changes only when CONFIG_PARAVIRT is enabled, as the patch is really supposed to change the size of the pfn args. [ v2: KVM_GUEST: use the right parameter type on kvm_release_pt() ] Signed-off-by: Eduardo Habkost <ehabkost@redhat.com> Acked-by: Jeremy Fitzhardinge <jeremy@goop.org> Acked-by: Zachary Amsden <zach@vmware.com> Signed-off-by: Ingo Molnar <mingo@elte.hu>
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3 files changed, 16 insertions, 16 deletions
diff --git a/arch/x86/kernel/kvm.c b/arch/x86/kernel/kvm.c
index 8b7a3cf37d2..478bca986ec 100644
--- a/arch/x86/kernel/kvm.c
+++ b/arch/x86/kernel/kvm.c
@@ -178,7 +178,7 @@ static void kvm_flush_tlb(void)
kvm_deferred_mmu_op(&ftlb, sizeof ftlb);
-static void kvm_release_pt(u32 pfn)
+static void kvm_release_pt(unsigned long pfn)
struct kvm_mmu_op_release_pt rpt = {
.header.op = KVM_MMU_OP_RELEASE_PT,
diff --git a/arch/x86/kernel/vmi_32.c b/arch/x86/kernel/vmi_32.c
index 0a1b1a9d922..340b03643b9 100644
--- a/arch/x86/kernel/vmi_32.c
+++ b/arch/x86/kernel/vmi_32.c
@@ -392,13 +392,13 @@ static void *vmi_kmap_atomic_pte(struct page *page, enum km_type type)
-static void vmi_allocate_pte(struct mm_struct *mm, u32 pfn)
+static void vmi_allocate_pte(struct mm_struct *mm, unsigned long pfn)
vmi_set_page_type(pfn, VMI_PAGE_L1);
vmi_ops.allocate_page(pfn, VMI_PAGE_L1, 0, 0, 0);
-static void vmi_allocate_pmd(struct mm_struct *mm, u32 pfn)
+static void vmi_allocate_pmd(struct mm_struct *mm, unsigned long pfn)
* This call comes in very early, before mem_map is setup.
@@ -409,20 +409,20 @@ static void vmi_allocate_pmd(struct mm_struct *mm, u32 pfn)
vmi_ops.allocate_page(pfn, VMI_PAGE_L2, 0, 0, 0);
-static void vmi_allocate_pmd_clone(u32 pfn, u32 clonepfn, u32 start, u32 count)
+static void vmi_allocate_pmd_clone(unsigned long pfn, unsigned long clonepfn, unsigned long start, unsigned long count)
vmi_set_page_type(pfn, VMI_PAGE_L2 | VMI_PAGE_CLONE);
vmi_check_page_type(clonepfn, VMI_PAGE_L2);
vmi_ops.allocate_page(pfn, VMI_PAGE_L2 | VMI_PAGE_CLONE, clonepfn, start, count);
-static void vmi_release_pte(u32 pfn)
+static void vmi_release_pte(unsigned long pfn)
vmi_ops.release_page(pfn, VMI_PAGE_L1);
vmi_set_page_type(pfn, VMI_PAGE_NORMAL);
-static void vmi_release_pmd(u32 pfn)
+static void vmi_release_pmd(unsigned long pfn)
vmi_ops.release_page(pfn, VMI_PAGE_L2);
vmi_set_page_type(pfn, VMI_PAGE_NORMAL);
diff --git a/arch/x86/xen/enlighten.c b/arch/x86/xen/enlighten.c
index 9ff6e3cbf08..db970bdc5e3 100644
--- a/arch/x86/xen/enlighten.c
+++ b/arch/x86/xen/enlighten.c
@@ -812,7 +812,7 @@ static int xen_write_msr_safe(unsigned int msr, unsigned low, unsigned high)
/* Early in boot, while setting up the initial pagetable, assume
everything is pinned. */
-static __init void xen_alloc_pte_init(struct mm_struct *mm, u32 pfn)
+static __init void xen_alloc_pte_init(struct mm_struct *mm, unsigned long pfn)
BUG_ON(mem_map); /* should only be used early */
@@ -822,7 +822,7 @@ static __init void xen_alloc_pte_init(struct mm_struct *mm, u32 pfn)
/* Early release_pte assumes that all pts are pinned, since there's
only init_mm and anything attached to that is pinned. */
-static void xen_release_pte_init(u32 pfn)
+static void xen_release_pte_init(unsigned long pfn)
@@ -838,7 +838,7 @@ static void pin_pagetable_pfn(unsigned cmd, unsigned long pfn)
/* This needs to make sure the new pte page is pinned iff its being
attached to a pinned pagetable. */
-static void xen_alloc_ptpage(struct mm_struct *mm, u32 pfn, unsigned level)
+static void xen_alloc_ptpage(struct mm_struct *mm, unsigned long pfn, unsigned level)
struct page *page = pfn_to_page(pfn);
@@ -856,12 +856,12 @@ static void xen_alloc_ptpage(struct mm_struct *mm, u32 pfn, unsigned level)
-static void xen_alloc_pte(struct mm_struct *mm, u32 pfn)
+static void xen_alloc_pte(struct mm_struct *mm, unsigned long pfn)
xen_alloc_ptpage(mm, pfn, PT_PTE);
-static void xen_alloc_pmd(struct mm_struct *mm, u32 pfn)
+static void xen_alloc_pmd(struct mm_struct *mm, unsigned long pfn)
xen_alloc_ptpage(mm, pfn, PT_PMD);
@@ -909,7 +909,7 @@ static void xen_pgd_free(struct mm_struct *mm, pgd_t *pgd)
/* This should never happen until we're OK to use struct page */
-static void xen_release_ptpage(u32 pfn, unsigned level)
+static void xen_release_ptpage(unsigned long pfn, unsigned level)
struct page *page = pfn_to_page(pfn);
@@ -923,23 +923,23 @@ static void xen_release_ptpage(u32 pfn, unsigned level)
-static void xen_release_pte(u32 pfn)
+static void xen_release_pte(unsigned long pfn)
xen_release_ptpage(pfn, PT_PTE);
-static void xen_release_pmd(u32 pfn)
+static void xen_release_pmd(unsigned long pfn)
xen_release_ptpage(pfn, PT_PMD);
-static void xen_alloc_pud(struct mm_struct *mm, u32 pfn)
+static void xen_alloc_pud(struct mm_struct *mm, unsigned long pfn)
xen_alloc_ptpage(mm, pfn, PT_PUD);
-static void xen_release_pud(u32 pfn)
+static void xen_release_pud(unsigned long pfn)
xen_release_ptpage(pfn, PT_PUD);