path: root/include/configs/omap4_panda.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-07-01OMAP: enable command line editing for panda and beagle2011.06.5John Rigby
2011-07-01OMAP4: Panda: add uEnv.txt supportJohn Rigby
2011-06-30arm: omap4_panda: Enable pxecfg support2011.06.4John Rigby
2011-06-28omap4_panda: adding support for smsc and tftp bootRicardo Salveti de Araujo
2011-05-12Remove remnants of obsolete CONFIG_SYS_GBL_DATA_SIZE commentsMichael Jones
2011-04-28Add CONFIG_OF_LIBFDT to more boards.Grant Likely
2010-11-19OMAP4: Panda: Disable CMD_NFSSteve Sakoman
2010-11-04ARMV7: OMAP: Fix build after introduction of GENERATED_GBL_DATA_SIZESteve Sakoman
2010-10-26Replace CONFIG_SYS_GBL_DATA_SIZE by auto-generated valueWolfgang Denk
2010-10-17ARMV7: OMAP4: Implement relocation for Panda and OMAP4430SDPSteve Sakoman
2010-10-17ARMV7: OMAP4: Use generic mmc driver on PandaSukumar Ghorai
2010-10-17ARMV7: OMAP: Use default vendor/product ID for USB gadgetSteve Sakoman
2010-08-05ARMV7: Update default environment for OMAP4 boardsSteve Sakoman
2010-08-05ARMV7: Enable musb driver and usbtty on OMAP4 PandaSteve Sakoman
2010-08-05ARMV7: Add support for the TWL6030 I2C power chip used in OMAP4 systemsSteve Sakoman
2010-08-05ARMV7: Fix udelay for OMAP4Steve Sakoman
2010-08-05ARMV7: Add pad mux support for OMAP4Steve Sakoman
2010-07-05ARMV7: Add support for TI OMAP4 PandaSteve Sakoman