path: root/include/configs/microblaze-generic.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-09-11microblaze: timer: Prepare for device-tree initializationMichal Simek
2012-07-31microblaze: Wire up SPI driverStephan Linz
2012-07-10microblaze: intc: Clear interrupt codeMichal Simek
2012-07-10microblaze: Wire up dts configurationStephan Linz
2012-07-09microblaze: Add missing undefs for UBI and UBIFSStephan Linz
2012-07-09microblaze: Expand and correct configuration commentsStephan Linz
2012-06-27microblaze: Enable ubi supportStephan Linz
2012-06-27microblaze: Avoid compile error on systems without cfi flashStephan Linz
2012-06-27microblaze: Remove wrong define CONFIG_SYS_FLASH_PROTECTIONStephan Linz
2012-06-20hush.c: Move default CONFIG_SYS_PROMPT_HUSH_PS2 to hush.cTom Rini
2012-04-04microblaze: Enable several ethernet driver compilationStephan Linz
2012-03-27microblaze: Enable phylib and mii supportStephan Linz
2012-02-23microblaze: Enable TFTP put commandStephan Linz
2011-11-27microblaze: usable uart16550 for big endian systemsStephan Linz
2011-10-24microblaze: Wire up axi_ethernet driver initializationMichal Simek
2011-10-05board configs: drop NET_MULTI referencesMike Frysinger
2011-10-03microblaze: Enable FDT/FIT supportMichal Simek
2011-10-03microblaze: Remove address offset for uart16550Michal Simek
2011-10-03microblaze: Do not select NFS for platforms without ethernetMichal Simek
2011-01-10microblaze: Fix bd_info pointerMichal Simek
2010-10-26Replace CONFIG_SYS_GBL_DATA_SIZE by auto-generated valueWolfgang Denk
2010-10-18Rename TEXT_BASE into CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASEWolfgang Denk
2010-10-12microblaze: Add support for NET_MULTI apiMichal Simek
2010-10-12microblaze: Fix microblaze-generic config fileMichal Simek
2010-10-12microblaze: generic: rename MTD partition set to 'flash-0'Stephan Linz
2010-10-12microblaze: generic: adding DHCP supportStephan Linz
2009-12-08microblaze: Stop stack clobbering in microblaze-generic.Graeme Smecher
2009-09-14microblaze: Enable hush parserMichal Simek
2009-09-14net: Remove old Xilinx Emac driverMichal Simek
2009-09-14microblaze: Short size of global data and fix malloc sizeMichal Simek
2009-06-12mtd: MTD related config header changes (mtdparts command)Stefan Roese
2009-03-20Separate mtdparts command from jffs2Stefan Roese
2009-02-18rename CONFIG_CMD_ENV to CONFIG_CMD_SAVEENVMike Frysinger
2009-01-23microblaze: Add cache flushMichal Simek
2009-01-23microblaze: Change microblaze-generic config fileMichal Simek
2009-01-23microblaze: Rename ml401 to microblaze-genericMichal Simek