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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-07-07kirkwood: fix calls to kirkwood_mpp_confValentin Longchamp
2011-10-27ARM: kirkwood: reduce dependence of including platform fileLei Wen
2011-10-15punt unused clean/distclean targetsMike Frysinger
2011-01-09miiphy: convert to linux/mii.hMike Frysinger
2010-11-17Switch from archive libraries to partial linkingSebastien Carlier
2010-10-28kirkwood: get rid of config.mk filesPrafulla Wadaskar
2010-10-20Kirkwood: bugfix: broken early console messagesPrafulla Wadaskar
2010-10-18Rename TEXT_BASE into CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASEWolfgang Denk
2010-10-13Kirkwood: dram_init is moved to dram.cPrafulla Wadaskar
2009-10-13Kirkwood: rd6281a: Add kwbimage build supportPrafulla Wadaskar
2009-07-23Marvell RD6281A Board supportPrafulla Wadaskar